Simple Christmas joys

I suppose my kid will have to take note of the finer points of being a non conformist from mom and dad on a different occassion. It seems that grandma couldn’t stand hearing her granddaughter constantly ask her parents about a non existent Christmas tree and decorations. Christmas is for the children indeed, and there is … More Simple Christmas joys

Masha and the Bear is our first kiddie live show!

We would have probably watched Disney on Ice this holiday season, like many other Filipino families that have made it a part of their Christmas tradition. After all its latest line up now includes the likes of Ana and Elsa, and Dory – characters that Akira loves – but it wasn’t until we found out that a show our … More Masha and the Bear is our first kiddie live show!

Hello, Tiendesitas

I wanted to check out interesting furnishings and decor, so we went to Tiendesitas. First up, as always, coffee. Aki tends to always ask for an ‘up-up’ (when she wants to sit on your shoulders) from her dad when we’re out and about, so a good cup of coffee is a must. If it’s not an … More Hello, Tiendesitas