Akira as a carabao (and how a little girl began to love books)

To be specific, Akira was a kalabaw, since it’s a reference to a Filipino children’s book by Virgilio S. Almario. The occasion was National Children’s Book Day, and Akira’s school asked the kids to come as their favorite Filipino story book character, or just a favorite book character. We picked up two Filipino children’s books when Akira was younger, … More Akira as a carabao (and how a little girl began to love books)

Hello, Museo Pambata!

 One of Akira’s favorite stories is The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone. This story enjoyed a good rotation in our household, where she requested to have this story read for several nights in a row. It was no surprise that on one Saturday, when we told her we were going to a museum, she … More Hello, Museo Pambata!

A week of summer school

(Updated) It’s the last week for Akira’s summer school. In July, she’s officially a preschooler. I’m going to let that sink in for now, but I’m probably going to overreact and get all emotional again when school starts. My prep for summer school began on a Saturday. I decided to hit the Salcedo Saturday Market for fresh vegetables for … More A week of summer school