Going Mexican in Manila

Belated Happy Cinco de Mayo! While some cold margaritas, further ‘education’ on tequila that isn’t Jose Cuervo, and a Gael Garcia Bernal movie marathon would’ve made a fitting tribute to Mexican heritage and culture, a spotlight on its thriving cuisine in Manila also makes for heartfelt recognition. Mexican food has always been around, but the … More Going Mexican in Manila

Happy 4th

As an April celebrant, my daughter doesn’t get to do birthday parties at school. School’s out by the time her birthday hits. While my wallet rejoices at the thought, I also couldn’t help but feel sad somewhat. She should be able to experience a class birthday celebration at least once. Especially since she has become … More Happy 4th

Now it makes sense

After days of feeling like my body wasn’t mine, I was too damn bloated for no reason, and I was having these random little yet persistent headaches, it feels fantastic for things to finally make sense. J (and his parents) is the one who’s really looking forward to having another kid, but since we were … More Now it makes sense