_MG_0084A writer and editor making good use of her husband’s wonderful ability to capture moments, Holaina started the 21stCenturyHousewife to document trips and travels, gastronomic adventures, reco’s and random blabbering with her button nosed, curly topped, future psycho-annihilator-of-the-new-world daughter in tow.

She loves to support social enterprises, and organic and natural products – from what you use for your home and on your body to what you eat – whenever possible.

She feels strongly about animal welfare causes as a full time mom to a lamb looking dog named Yuri and a cappuccino colored cat named Smeagol.

In between cooking and housecleaning (yes, there’s still those), she pores over interior design magazines and websites, comics and manga. In fact, she feels like she’s the last remaining Naruto fan.

Based in Manila, Philippines, Holaina still hopes to witness a Guns N Roses reunion within her lifetime.

Follow Holaina on Twitter and Instagram: @HolainaTan


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