Hi! Happy you found me!

I caved in and started blogging in 2014 in hopes of keeping the love of writing alive in spite of never ending housewifery and the demands of motherhood.

Initially the blog only featured the husband‘s photography, but over time it also proudly shows off photos from friends (@macgirl08), the brother (@noblifias), and even from the offspring, who is exhibiting remarkable potential in capturing images, if I may say so myself.

Said offspring is a button nosed, karaage-loving, dinosaur enthusiast named after a future psycho-annihilator-of-the-new-world. In December 2018 she gained a sister with a smile as bright as the Northern Lights she is named after – a dazzling feat for someone yet to grow teeth. She also loves pulling her sister’s hair.

In between cooking, housecleaning, and picking nasty buggers off of my precious house plants (they are living proof that I don’t have a black thumb), I enjoy going over interior design magazines and websites, and getting absorbed in comics and books. I binge watch anime or keep up with late night TV via YouTube. I can make a mean, sing-your-heart-out Spotify playlist when inspiration hits.

On my first week of Yoga Teachers Training, I found myself pregnant. I was able to finish the course prior to popping and am proudly RYT200 certified.

The 21stCenturyHousewife blog documents our trips and travels in and outside of Manila, as well as abroad. It also features food trips and feasts, because food is love, as well as random thoughts and recommendations with a slight bias towards the kid and family friendly.

Based in the south of Manila, Philippines I’m a big believer that a good day begins with a cup of coffee. Follow this 21stCenturyHousewife on Twitter and Instagram: @HolainaTan

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