Pro’s and Con’s to a fast food birthday

Our not-so-little chatterbox had a blast of a birthday weekend in Clark, Pampanga, and was also able to celebrate with her class the following Monday. I don’t think there’s anything else she could’ve asked for.

school birthday party
Prayer before party

That Monday though, my husband had work and couldn’t accompany me to school for Akira’s celebration. There wasn’t time to prepare and cook meals for the class, or even to order cake – so unlike her first birthday celebration at school! For the first time, we decided to call on that famous clown for help!

With that, here are some advantages to having a fast food kiddie birthday celebration:

  • Saves time

We were out of town the entire weekend, and we bought our help with us for the trip. I called the delivery hotline at 6 am, placed an order for 15 pax, and it came through without any problems at our agreed time. Whew!

Ngiting wagi! Mom is happy to have pulled off a last-minute birthday party!

Be sure not to cram and give the restaurant enough time to prepare the order, even if it is fast food.

  • Saves money

There’s no denying that going the fast food route is economical. You would be able to adequately feed without feeling like breaking the bank. It’s a proper meal too, there’s drink, a side dish (hashbrowns, in this case), and the best part? Instant tokens for the guests with a Happy Meal toy.

Simple set up, simple food. All set and waiting for the party peeps!
  • Saves energy

The husband couldn’t come, my help was unavailable, and I also had a baby with me! I am so grateful that Macon was able to come and help, even if it meant meeting up at 7 am, but it just made a world of difference not to have so much stuff to lug around.

Picture taking while waiting for the kids. Got to share with the dad!

We were relaxed, we were able to take pictures, and the only thing we carried was the cake box, a small paper bag with birthday hats in it and the diaper bag.

  • Makes the kids happy

Happy Meals. They are what they are, and they do just the trick. It would have been better if the free toys were something they were really into, but for all it’s worth, these little tokens deliver.

school birthday party
Yay for birthday pancakes!

As for the meal itself, I was happy that our Happy Meals were the breakfast type, I feel that pancakes are universally loved.

The disadvantages?

  • Lacks a personal touch

There are so many ways to get creative when it comes to kiddie birthday parties, such as having a theme, so it’s a little sad when that gets sacrificed. It would have been a great way for more of the celebrant’s personality to shine through, too.

  • Not the most healthful choice

I grappled with this because I believe kiddie birthday celebrations can still be fun with party food that isn’t junk. Still nothing like good ol’ homemade food, so it is what it is.

Last year’s birthday meals was a bit of a compromise (thank you nonetheless Bounty Fresh), but the celebrant was more involved and so proud to help.
  • More wasteful, trash wise

There’s a big price to pay when it comes to convenience and that’s the amount of trash left behind. The plastic utensils and straws. The food containers (don’t be fooled that it’s made of paper, it’s still lined with plastic). The plastic bag for the Happy meal toy.

I’d rather still buy cheap but reusable containers for packed meals.

This is my biggest source of guilt, as somebody who is trying hard to lessen the family’s plastic consumption and makes eco-bricks.

The ideal option would have been to bring over homemade food or party platters, but given the circumstances, fast food delivery was a lifesaver. Everything turned out well and the celebrant and her classmates were happy. With that, I think it’s ok to fall back on the more convenient choice every once and a while, and it’s great to have a friend who can help out and share in the fun, too.

Thank you @macgirl for the school photos and for helping out, super grateful

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