Birthday weekend in Clark: Dinosaurs Island and Rolling Bread

At 6 years old, my daughter’s love for dinosaurs has not waned. It’s one of the reasons why my mom planned a birthday weekend in Clark, because there’s a Dinosaurs Island there.

Akira was super excited, but it also got us thinking – how is this one different from the one in Baguio?

The most appealing aspect of Dinosaurs Island in Baguio was that it was in Baguio! Truly! The high location was a cool setting for the animatronic dinosaurs, and it was also a cool environment for the visitors. Nothing like learning more about dinosaurs while enjoying a bit of a hike and that lovely Baguio/sweater weather.

In Clark, my biggest concern was the heat. We came by before noon but this is peak summer weather in the Philippines we are talking about here. Thankfully, Dinosaurs Island Clark is in the midst of several ginormous acacia trees. God bless ’em, they make a big difference, and not only in keeping with the jungle theme.

Speaking of theme, it’s quite obvious that this particular branch takes after Jurassic Park. Akira has seen all three Jurassic Park movies, the little geek-o.

Here she is with some of her favorites:

It’s good to know that Dinosaurs Island in Clark has it’s own look and appeal compared with the other park located in Baguio. I only recently learned that there’s a Dinosaurs Island in Subic now, too, so here’s hoping we can visit that and see what sets it apart from these two.

And if you’re wondering where the most popular dinosaur of all is, don’t worry, no dinosaur theme park would be complete without him:


In Baguio, Dinosaurs Island has an odd sister attraction called Holy Land where you go on a walking tour of significant moments in biblical history. In Clark, Dinosaurs Island also has a sister attraction. Prepare to feel like you’re in ‘Honey, I shrunk the kids!’ in Insectlandia!

Here, pint sized critters are blown up to gigantic proportions! Expect a lot of ‘eews’ and ‘yucks’ when it comes to the gnarly bugs, hahaha.

Rolling Bread

This is a cute little discovery thanks to Waze. Beside a big Korean grocery in Clark Freeport Zone is this quaint cafe that also sells various breads and pastries.

We weren’t very hungry, so it’s a perfect stopover for sandwiches and drinks. Aki wasn’t too happy because she didn’t expect to find shredded lettuce or cabbage with her ham and cheese, but even with mumbles and grumbles, she managed to finish her sandwich (or else! Hehe).

We were greeted by a mom and daughter tandem, with the young daughter doing most of the talking and making us feel right at home. Her Filipino is pretty good! She took care of cashier duties while the mom prepared everything. With that, a big order will take a while. They don’t have their own comfort room also, so if like us, you have a baby with you, you might end up changing diapers in the car.

Food was good though, and I would certainly pop in again for coffee and snacks if I’m back in Clark. Do support local businesses wherever you go!

Dinosaurs Island is along Gil Puyat Avenue, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga.

They are open everyday from 8 am to 6 pm.

Like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram for announcements and promotions.

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