Birthday weekend in Clark: Aqua Planet

I haven’t been to a water park since I was a freshman in college. My kid has never been to one! Knowing how she loves swimming, and the water, I had a feeling she would be talking about this place for a long time.

I may have been out of the loop because I wasn’t aware that such a place existed. Aqua Planet formally opened its doors to the public in February 2018. It’s massive – a 10-hectare park that has 38 water slides and attractions for guests of all ages. It’s new! It’s grand! It’s a lot of fun!

We were not able to get our own cabana (also, it’s a bit pricey), so that meant settling for the daybeds with the giant umbrellas, which were all over the park, free for anyone to use. It can get really hot if you’re not in the water – the baby got sunburned even under the shade! – so my husband and I made sure to take turns on who gets to stay in the water with ate Aki.

Akira was able to try out a lot of the attractions that was appropriate for her age. She was able to float down the lazy river, we hung out a bit in the pool that makes waves – but she ended up staying in the kiddie zone for the most part.

She had such a great time, but honestly, it would have been 10x better if she came with other kids. She made friends in the late afternoon, thankfully.

Aqua Planet is apparently one of Southeast Asia’s best (unfortunately I’ve yet to visit other water parks outside the country), and it sure felt that way. There was always more than one lifeguard stationed at a kiddie area; there are areas where adults were not allowed in (this grownup couldn’t try the kiddie slide, boohoo, hehehe). Even the souvenirs are cute and well made.

They are quite strict with outside food and drinks – they are not allowed inside the park. As for the food quality, it’s alright. There are lots of options, at least. There’s the typical fast food fare – fried chicken and rice, burgers, nachos, pizza. And then, surprise! There’s rice with viand like adobo and sisig.

Since it would be impossible to stay for the whole day and not eat anything, it was difficult to ignore that everything they used here was plastic and/or disposable. I can just imagine the garbage haul everyday 😦


With that –

  1. Be prepared to spend on bottled water/drinks. The upside is they sell big sized bottled water too, so that’s a bit more economical.
  2. Bring your own utensils. Nothing can be more irritating than slicing through fried chicken with flimsy plastic spoons and forks.
  3. Wear and reapply sunscreen. Check your brand’s reco, but usually, sunscreen should be applied again after 4 hours.
  4. Rash guards are recommended.
  5. Have one of those waterproof cases for phones – they come really handy, especially if you rely on phones for taking photos.
  6. Take turns with a partner. If, like us, somebody has to stay behind and watch the kids, take turns so you can also try the crazier attractions! Yes, it can be a bit corny going by yourself or having to join a group of strangers, but it would be cornier not to try a daredevil attraction when you’re already there!

We will be back, and hopefully when Akira is a bit bigger and can try some of the slides already! Keep it clean, keep it classy, and in the near future, do try to keep it green and plastic-free, Aqua Planet!

Aqua Planet is bounded by J.P. Rizal, J.P. Laurel and Prince Balagtas Avenues, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga

It is open from 9 am to 5 pm

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