Peeling the wrapper off The Dessert Museum

My friend captioned one of our photos from The Dessert Museum with a fitting U2 song (care to take a guess?), which in turn made me remember this Iggy Pop song.

Oh, when rockers get mushy. Make it this post’s theme song, too!

The Dessert Museum entrance at S Maison
The little one is sightseeing now! (Hehe, not really, she napped for the most part) Ate does a Breakfast Club tribute 😀

The Dessert Museum opened last February 2018. It’s comprised of 8 theme rooms dedicated to some of the world’s most loved confectionary like donuts, gummy bears and marshmallows.

Hanging donuts at the donut room of The Dessert Museum
Donut judge!
Bath tubs in the gummy bear room of The Dessert Museum
Sprinkle me some gummy.

I didn’t do any prior research before our visit, so let’s just say I am relieved that our entrance fee is at a discounted rate (due to ongoing renovations). I’d be livid if I have to pay more than Php700, which is the regular rate, just to take photos in what is essentially a compartmentalized photo studio with bad lighting.

The ball pit at the ice cream room of The Dessert Museum
Already livid. Haha. One more daughter means get used to the girly stuff, daddy 😀

Don’t get me wrong – I understand the concept behind Dessert Museum (even if I feel the term ‘museum’ was liberally used here). It’s just that it could have been constructed better, beginning with proper lighting. White fluorescent is not flattering!

The marshmallow room at The Dessert Museum
Marshmallow rain! Also one of the rooms with ghastly lighting. Make sure all filters and photo apps are up to date!

I find it unfortunate that there is a lot of missed creative opportunity, not just in terms of interactive display, but even with the installations.

Yep. Just donuts hanging from the ceiling at various heights.

There are upsides, of course (just don’t ask the husband – kidding). This visit was primarily for the kiddo, and if she’s happy I’m happy. Bring the kiddos, they will also be happy. Thank goodness there was plenty of playground fun for letting off some sugar high.

Something like this is also a great way to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen for some time. Nothing like reconnecting over sweets and taking photos of each other.

Oh, and we didn’t know it then, but there are free dessert samples per room. It would’ve been awesome if they had Krispy Kreme, or even just mini donuts, but then again free ice cream is courtesy of Fruits in Ice Cream. Having cotton candy after all these years kind of sealed the deal, and got me into the dessert spirit, too.

The Dessert Museum is a wonderful reminder that wherever you may be, it’s the company that makes or breaks the day, and that fun is what you make of it. Now sing with me: “Candy, Candy, Candy I can’t let you gooooo. All my life you’re haunting me, I loved you soooo.”

The Dessert Museum is in S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

Walk-in entrance fee is Php799

Museum hours is at 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (last tickets are sold by 8:00 pm)

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