(Tried) loving Vincent again

I was able to catch Loving Vincent in the movie theatre – I had a friend who wouldn’t allow me to miss it – so to hear about an outdoor screening of the film in spite of it showing in local cable already was another must-do for us.


It was for free, and I have never really experienced an outdoor screening event before. The husband and the brother also have not seen Loving Vincent. It sounded like a fun, unique way of spending one’s Saturday.


Mindful of potential evening rains, we decided to make Brera our base. A cheese platter sounded like the perfect kind of nibbles for watching Loving Vincent. A table outside gave a good view as well.


The Spanish cheese platter was a hit with us. But then again, Manchego is ❤

The mats nearest the screen was filled with people by the time we arrived in the afternoon, and it was nice to see the crowd steadily build up as the day turned to night. Maybe Instagram culture is a part of it, but the big turnout is a good indicator for me that people will opt to be outdoors and do something different given the choice, and not just be holed up in the mall.


Given that, here’s hoping future similar events would be executed better. Yes, the invite said screening starts at 8 pm, but waiting for it to start became excruciatingly tedious. And we weren’t the only ones with kids with us.

It became an exercise in events management 101 as we threw ideas upon ideas on how to better fill in the time if they really couldn’t start the screening earlier (Have a Vincent Van Gogh themed trivia contest, prizes courtesy of Vans; have a Van Gogh themed outdoor painting session in partnership with Sip & Gogh, which is already located in Molito; show a short documentary or related feature prior to the movie; let the kids play pin-the-ear-on-Van_Gogh; have the string ensemble play other pieces and not just wedding reception standards).


Time just dragged on in spite of the good grub, and it was just so humid. A couple of Iwata outdoor fans would have been super helpful. I felt some of the other groups were tipsy on their wine and sangrias by the time the movie started, too. 15 to 30 minutes into the movie, we decided to call it a night.

The response to the event for a movie that isn’t mainstream popular is beyond good, and it would have been a bigger success to send people home so happy that they came. I wish that the event organizers would take note.

As for us, Alabang continues to hold happy little surprises, thankfully. Picapica was delicious, and my brother liked what he has seen so far to look for a copy of the movie. Try to catch Loving Vincent sometime, too.

Brera Delicatessen is in Molito Lifestyle Center, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City 

Call them at +63922 858 5719

Like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram

*Photos by my lovelies @jasontantastic, @noblifias and @macgirl08


5 thoughts on “(Tried) loving Vincent again

  1. Ah yes, that movie! I chanced upon Loving Vincent being shown on one of the movie channels while channel-surfing one night, and I kept it there. (Sadly, I was unable to finish the film.) 😦


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