Fun makis and dirty corn at Mr. Roboto

Mr. Roboto is mostly about fun and interesting flavor combinations for makis. Dinner was just for three (technically two and a half), so we couldn’t try a lot of the other dishes.

We had the pork katsu, the Mazinger Z, and I just had to try the dirty corn.


The Mazinger Z – consisting of spicy salmon, negi salmon with cream cheese, and crispy salmon skin on top – is a real winner. One piece tends to be a mouthful, as it always does with fun, creative makis, but flavourful nonetheless.

The pork katsu was fine until we realized they used a pork chop cut for the dish. Underneath the breading was a big piece of bone. It was disappointing.

Funny enough, they didn’t scrimp on the dirty corn – it’s grilled sweet Japanese corn that’s shredded from the cob and ‘messed up’ with nori strips, mayo, and fish roe. It was good!


We hope to be back – with our own robo chopsticks too – and go on a maki party!

Mr. Roboto is in 2294 Access Road, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa

Call them at +632 8175604

Like them on Facebook, follow them on Instragram


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