Born to play at BorneLund’s Kid-O-Kid

My daughter just turned five, and these photos are giving me all the feels!

When we traveled to Fukuoka, Japan, we didn’t expect for it to be as child friendly as it was. Museums were a joy to visit, and we found incredibly fun places for a three-year old to lose the day in, with little effort. We were able to keep to her typical daily routine, and it made the entire travel experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.


This place is another kiddie haven, and is also located in the fabulous Hakata Riverain Mall. This mall also houses the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and the Anpanman Children’s Museum. So if like us, you find yourself in Fukuoka one day, quickly running out of kid-friendly places to go to, just go to Riverain Mall!

Meet BorneLund, the Japanese authority on children’s toys and play areas

Now, let me see if my assessment is correct based on Japanese websites loosely translated to English: Bornelund is a Tokyo-based company that produces and imports quality children’s toys, tools, musical instruments, play equipment like playgrounds, and even children’s furniture.

The fish-shaped xylophone is one of BorneLund’s best sellers. Japan Times notes that professional musicians praise the instrument for its “accurate and soft tones”. I found the kiddie vacuum cleaner hilarious, something I would totally gift my daughter with, and found the kitchen set super adorable.

In addition to having shops all over Japan, Bornelund also operates an indoor play area called Kid-O-Kid (another site calls it ‘Bornelund Asobi no Sekai‘, and I’ve also seen it spelled as ‘kidokido’).

Now, we’ve frequented a number of indoor playgrounds in Manila, and to see what seems to be the original prototype for a lot of these places is incredible. It makes you think that there’s nothing quite like the original.

Visit Kid-O-Kid

BorneLund Inc. President, Hiroko Nakanishi said that “Kid-O-Kid areas are designed to let children safely engage in physical activity,” especially since children these days spend less time outdoors.

Indeed. It’s one of the bigger reasons why we like going to indoor playgrounds, especially when my daughter was smaller. As for Kid-O-Kid, she loved every minute she spent there, in spite of being the only foreign kid playing there at the time (as far as I can tell).

Kid-O-Kid, just like some of its counterparts in the Philippines, also require adult companions. They accept children from zero to twelve years old. There’s a “movement” area where the slide and the ball pool is located, as well as a “quiet” area, where the kids are encouraged to build, do puzzles, and engage in pretend play.

What’s special about Kid-O-Kid 

Kid-O-Kid is mindfully built. Play areas are scaled down to children’s sizes, and everything is padded and child-proofed. BorneLund also has a preference to wood, which I love personally, and is the more sustainable and earth-friendly option to boot.

We couldn’t leave without a souvenir, and I was so glad my daughter happily settled with a tub of BorneLund dough.

If traveling with a toddler in Fukuoka, be sure to drop by, spend an hour or so in BorneLund’s Kid-O-Kid, and let your kid get some physical activity done while having fun. 🙂

BorneLund Kid-O-Kid is located in 2F Hakata Riverain Mall 3-1 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

Opening Hours: 10:30 am to 7:30 pm

Entrance for children is at 600 Yen for the first 30 minutes, plus 100 Yen for every 10 minutes. For adults, its 500 Yen. 

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