Birthday lunch, birthday dinner

Little grandchildren are just about the apple of the eye of everyone. Especially my daughter. The first granddaughter from my side of the family and my husband’s, the amount of attention and care she is showered with is borderline ridiculous. 


She turned five this April.

It was a birthday lunch and a birthday dinner, and it even managed to draw extended family members. She’s a little star, she truly is.


She also got all the sweets and dessert her little tummy desired.

Lunch was at The Grand Kitchen at Grand Hyatt Manila. As far as I could tell, it was the latest hotel buffet in town.


I liked their spread. It was all of the good stuff, and then some: they had porchetta, roast beef, a sushi bar, a pasta station. Then they also had Hainanese chicken, and seriously amazing southern style fried chicken. They also had chocolate lava cake that has to finish off in the oven, so you have to wait for a few minutes for it. People lined up for it, it was crazy-good.

Dinner was at Salvatore Cuomo in Uptown Bonifacio.


I was happy to choose this venue for a big group like ours. Prices lean towards high-end, but the quality of the food is excellent. There were better spots for seating in the restaurant than what we got, but it was Easter Sunday too, so they were fully booked. Overall at least, it is a cozy restaurant that has a nice ambience.


Everybody was happy with their food (yay!).

I loved the Insalata Campagnola (green salad with tuna, olives and artichoke), but I must admit the tuna filled me up rather quickly. The Margherita pizza was good, but the Quattro Formaggi is exceptional. My daughter loved it (but without the honey). The drizzled honey worked for everybody else though, and is something worth trying even if you’re not a big cheese fan.


When it comes to my daughter’s all-time favorite pasta dish, the Genovese, Cibo is still her gold standard. Salvatore Cuomo‘s version is more pesto, less cream, in my opinion, so the sauce had a stronger taste. Worked well for me. I loved the shrimps and scallops added, too.


I was happy with the service as well. I felt we were adequately taken cared of by our server, Lorenzo, who even excused himself for a few minutes since he would be going on break, and endorsed us in the meantime to another server. There’s nothing  lost in going the extra mile.


Of course, whey they all came out to sing her a happy birthday, she could barely contain her glee. We had to eat the tiramisu, but she loved their dark chocolate mousse. And just like that, surrounded by family, and with good dessert, our baby is finally five.

Grand Hyatt Manila is in 8th Avenue corner 35th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Call them at +632 8381232 

Like them on Facebook

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar Philippines is in

Ground Floor Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue corner 38th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Call them at +632 9463072 to 73

Like them on Facebook 







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