Soban family lunch

We typically have lunch out after church service, and we had our first Sunday family lunch of the year in Soban K-Town Grill in Greenbelt.


This restaurant has been here for a while, but it’s our first time to try it. It’s ideal for families and big groups mainly because the group sets are worth it – it’s a lot of food for the price – and the atmosphere is warm, comfy and casual.

Give it a go! My kid tries her hand at grilling her favourite pork belly.

Soban also offers Korean-Mexican dishes, but we decided to go for the Classic BBQ Combo Set good for 3 to 4 people. It was more than enough for us, with unlimited side dishes and soup included, as well as our favourite japchae and pajeon.

I was the designated cook, but even I had to eat. Thanks for the sub!

Just a lovely, interactive meal with family. Korean food rarely disappoints, so have a happy Sunday family meal at Soban K-Town, too!

Also perfect for grandchild-grandparents bonding!

Soban K-Town Grill is at the 3rd Floor of Greenbelt 3.

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