Believe in blueberry ricotta pizza

Anyone would be hard pressed to drive from SM Mall of Asia in Pasay to Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, on any given day these days. So what made us go on such a butt-numbing, soul-extinguishing drive?

Taking a bite of the Manhattan because whew what a drive!

To support a cousin’s first business venture. Lucky us the venture involves pizza.

Welcome to Krispy Tomato

Krispy Tomato looks like a typical student resto-cafe hangout with its bright interiors and white brick walls, especially in this particular university neighbourhood. The food offerings are nothing new – pizza, chicken wings, pasta – but just because they have a back-to-the-basics approach, don’t be fooled into thinking that there is nothing exciting here.

On the contrary. Just take a look:Manhattan_pizzahappy_customermojos

What’s good?

For kids like mine, the KT 1, or the signature Krispy chicken with steamed rice and gravy is a hit. The chicken wings are also good and juicy.

The Manhattan pizza is perfect for meat lovers. The taste is reminiscent of Shakey’s, only fresher; tastes more homemade. The same can be said with the mojos – they will remind you of Shakey’s mojos but the ones here just taste better. They’re crisp and definitely not starchy. saladWe also got to try the house salad with roasted sesame dressing and the fresh salmon pesto pasta. The salad feels like it was put there as the lone ‘healthy’ choice in the menu. The pesto seems to be made from scratch, which is great, but a bit too oily for my taste.

What could very well be Krispy Tomato’s claim to fame is the blueberry ricotta pizza. blueberry_ricotta_pizzaWith clumps of blueberry preserve (the kind used for blueberry cheesecake), ricotta and blue cheese, bits of bacon, slivers of almond and drizzled with maple syrup – it’s just something we’ve never encountered before and is too intriguing to ignore.

It’s like pancake pizza. The mild saltiness plays tug-of-war with the sweetness. It’s like dessert pizza or breakfast pizza – just weird-happy pizza that grows on you with every bite.blueberry_ricotta

Visit Krispy Tomato

Krispy Tomato – like most establishments in the vicinity – has scarce parking space and a limited number of tables.

But they are open for breakfast at 8AM with a delectable breakfast rice menu; there is free delivery within the Katipunan area (please confirm if your area is covered, otherwise a Php50 delivery fee might be added), there’s beer AND free wifi (rejoice, students!).


We might not be here as often as we’d like, but it’s wonderful to support a relative because the product is genuinely good and not just because you’re relatives. QC peeps, do take note!happy_diners

Krispy Tomato is in 318 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

Call them at +632 917-5775 or email at

Like their page on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

(This is not a paid post but one of the owners is a relative.)


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