Simple Christmas joys

I suppose my kid will have to take note of the finer points of being a non conformist from mom and dad on a different occassion. It seems that grandma couldn’t stand hearing her granddaughter constantly ask her parents about a non existent Christmas tree and decorations.

Christmas is for the children indeed, and there is nobody luckier than the first apo from both sides. Thank you grandma for the generosity, and SM Makati for our pretty tree and red decorations. You gave a little girl serious holiday happiness.

The ecstatic little one can still learn about the finer points of packing away glittery Christmas balls next year anyway, hehe.

Once the tree was up, she couldn’t wait for Christmas morning. What with all those presents from her classmates and grandparents.

Tell the truth, while I feel extra loved that my mother still gets me something each year, my daughter’s pure joy in ripping gifts open and getting all ‘wow’ and ‘cool’ over each present is enough Christmas spirit for all of us.

May this feeling last.



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