A kiddie kind of Christmas

Akira’s school hosts this little event called ‘Night of Song and Dance’ every year, just before the holiday break. For the students and teachers, the last day of school is reserved for class Christmas parties, and a not-so-formal concert of song and dance for the parents and guests. Since it happens every year, Night of Song and Dance has been the most consistent part of the holidays for us.

From Night of Song and Dance 2016. Photo of the poster, and A and D courtesy of Annemichelle Jayme

I’ve gotten quite used to it, and look forward to seeing what my daughter will do with her classmates up on the stage.

Last year the kids did a rambunctious We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Not that the song was arranged or interpreted differently, just referring to my daughter’s performance 😀

This year her class did 12 Days of Christmas. Too many actions to remember for my kid this year, hehe.

Then there’s the kids’ class Christmas parties, which Akira gets excited about, too. Not only does she get to play Santa and give all her classmates presents, she gets a gift from each one of them as well.



Lots of food, lots of presents, lots of smiles 😀 


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