Hello, 2018

Starting this year, I wanted to go back to the practice of setting some goals, and going back to regular yoga classes was definitely one of the major ones.

A friend once made an offhand remark about how she was more prone to sickness and was constantly unwell last year, unlike the previous when we both had a more regular yoga practice. Sure, it’s not just the absence of yoga. In my case, my kid’s noon school schedule and extra curricular activities made the trek to and from the yoga studio quite difficult, add to that household help that can’t be counted on to come on a more regular, predictable basis.

But after three yoga sessions this week alone, I can feel my body thanking me already. The pain and soreness I expected from coming back from being physically dormant for so long was honestly not as sore and painful. I was never a morning person – much less an exercise-in-the-morning kind of person – yet I’ve managed to fully wake up before 5:30 (that’s after 3 snoozes), make my coffee, and make it to class, ready and alert. 

I am beyond happy and thankful to be able to ease back into the practice better than anticipated. I feel lucky and encouraged. I am also thankful that my leggings and sports bras still fit. Hahaha, but really. Since I’ve been absent from the studio for some 8 months or so, I’ve put my exercise clothes and yoga towels in a storage box, and pretty soon maybe, I’ll be putting them on a closet shelf again. Just the thought makes me smile.


Yesterday, I tried going to practice with my kid in tow. This was our first time. She will stay in the separate waiting lounge completely by herself, while I practice in the studio. She can stay in the studio as well, provided that she stay in a corner absolutely quiet, and it wasn’t full, but I don’t know of any 4-year old who can sit still for even 10 minutes, so thank you Treehouse Yoga, for having this super comfy waiting area/lounge.

She has a comfy place to stay in, but we are still talking about an hour and a half of being by herself, so there was no question that the iPad was needed, as well as some snacks. We’ve loaded some movies in her iPad, and she was content with them. She polished off the pack of eggnogs and chocolate lava cake that she bought. She took off her shoes and socks and settled in the bean bag.

I only got disturbed three times the entire session (*knock knock on the glass door “Mama, help open my eggnog!” “Mama, I need to make weewee!” “Mama, I need to make p___!”), but now at least I know better! Better to bring the snacks in containers already, and make sure she uses the toilet before practice. We are so ready for next time.


Last year was the comeback of my asthma, and generally being in this unhappy place of not liking your body. I felt like my life was derailed by my kid’s new school schedule, and I couldn’t get anything done. I didn’t like being at home because it would remind me that everything needs to be cleaned, and I was always tired, always, no kidding, I don’t know why.

I would like to try and really sit down and process the year that was – to be honest I’m still not quite ready. I want to do it because I am certain the good will still outweigh the bad, and I need to acknowledge that. I want to do it, because it comes with intention setting, and even with a clunky, clumsy attempt, and a clunky, clumsy outcome, it still helps a lot in getting things done, and getting things done feels great. Even if it’s not something I necessarily publish, I will look back and go through the highlights, because I’m off to a good start already. 

Yoga minimum of 3 times a week. Limit eating out to the weekends only. Go back to a size medium. No phones before bed (damn you, Cooking Dash). Ah, and get back to the groove of writing. I’m trying to find the balls to get a Facebook page started, within the first quarter I hope.

I’ve stories, plenty of stories, and pictures – some still amateurishly taken by myself, some fantastically taken by my husband and brother, and some awkward but brimming with potential ones from my 4-year old – to share. There’s still merit in sharing these days, isn’t it? Do stay. There are boxes to be ticked this year, and it’s always more fun with company. 

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