Dinosaurs and donuts day!

One of Akira’s best friends asks, “why does Akira love dinosaurs?”

It’s a good and valid question, but as Akira herself answers (“because they’re scary”), we’re still not so sure!

Oh well. Love them she does, and there was no way we were going to miss the Dinosaurs Around the World exhibit at The Mind Museum.

The day was made even more fun with lots of friends – but first, little bodies need to fuel up!

Barely finishing their lunch, they just ran around and played. Children’s energy levels never cease to amaze.

Time to check out the dinosaurs!

*Children’s photo with the Minmi and fossil background courtesy of SMM

Maybe because we’ve seen a similar set-up in Dinosaur Island in Baguio, the exhibit feels underwhelming at first. But since you can get real close to the moving dinosaurs, I appreciate how well maintained and detailed they are.

Plus, it’s a lot comfier here, small kids and grandparents can freely and safely move about. The Mind Museum also set viewing schedules for this exhibit, which is a great idea so that it doesn’t get super crowded and hot inside.

It was a good mix of old favorites and not-so-familiar-sounding dinosaurs. My favorite is still the Triceratops – blame it on Cera‘s “three horns never play with long necks!” line on The Land Before Time. The life-sized model here was pretty impressive.

Now for the outdoor part – time to dig up dinosaur bones!

According to Akira, this is her favorite part.

We even managed to squeeze in some free play time.

By this time, it was the moms who are in dire need of a break. Thank you, Krispy Kreme.

Better believe it, this group is planning a second field trip! See you soon!





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