On Erika, and why high school friends are the best

We were classmates in third year high school. The year was 1995 to 1996.

At that time, we were some of the unlikeliest people to ever become good friends. There were girls who aced the quizzes, and the girls who copied from them. There were girls who came to class with homework ready, and girls who forgot to bring a pen to class on top of being late (gosh, who was that, haha).

Enchanted Kingdom lang, tuwang-tuwa na! 4th year high school highlights

One eventful day when a teacher couldn’t make it to class we had the wackiest, most random conversation, and discovered that we all had a dog thing – that is, some of us super loved dogs, some of us had pet dogs, while some of us just had the funniest stories about dogs.

When Eka was home, night out in BF 2012. Yuri was out with me a lot 🙂

I think that’s when I realized that even model students can have a wicked sense of humor and the occasional mean streak, and that surprise, surprise, even personality opposites can have a lot of things in common.

That was all that was needed to nurture a friendship between a mishmash of individuals, it turned out: find a common ground. It sustained our group all throughout the highs and lows of high school, and even up to the more trying phases that came next.

Some gems post high school: blowjob shots in Cloud 9 for April’s birthday, hotel birthday celebrations in Discovery and Astoria Plaza, my 21st birthday at Cafe Gevalia, and my birthday celebration in Eurostar carnival

Who’s Erika?

My memories of Eka in high school is a touch hazy – I knew she was a bit of a goody-goody, that much I can say. (HAHAHA) But it’s how she has evolved since then that I find remarkable.

The two of us shared many things in common. Eka cultivated a love for alternative music and rock bands, as did I, and probably as ardently.


Living the dream (for a night only)! Rockeoke in 2011! Photo courtesy of ekstasy

She developed a strong sense of style: A little rock, a little boho, a little vintage glam. It’s a signature all her own, and to be honest, I’ve never known anyone as at home and confident in her own skin.

Career-wise, we were also the ones that ended up with similar backgrounds, doing creative and accounts management work in advertising and production agencies.

But there were certain aspects of her life that I thought I would share with her too, but just didn’t happen for me. For one, I always thought I’d be based abroad at some point in my life, but it never materialized. This has been her life now for some time.


When we visited Eka in Vietnam, 2008

We discovered and fell in love with yoga at different points in our lives, but I never reached her level of pretzel dough bendy-ness. I always thought I’d have 20 tattoos by now, but surprise! She’s the one with the vast, growing collection! There is a tinge of jealousy here, I admit!


No biggie! Photo courtesy of Alison Hawkins

Because life happens, and there are the occasional sour moments, it gives me great joy to see her find love and trust in love again, and be taken good care of. I am so happy to witness their union – it really is a good thing I insisted on being there! (lol!)

My friend of 22 years and counting is married; a new chapter begins. My only wish is that we’ll still be a part of each other’s next chapters even if it means inviting yourself in 😀

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