When forever begins in Hong Kong

My mother took me on my first trip abroad at 3 years old to Hong Kong. I have the fondest memories of it as a kid and even up to the adolescent years.

It feels incredible to be back after a long time for an extremely special reason, and build a new Hong Kong memory seeped in love, laughs and friendship, and has nothing to do with shopping or theme parks (at the moment. Hehe.).

whats_up_hong_kongFirst night together! The wedding party meets up at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. 

One of my forever sisters was getting married in Hong Kong, and there was simply no way that we were going to miss it!

Ni hao, Wan Chai

Most Filipinos go to Hong Kong to work, shop, or go to Hong Kong Disneyland. We were here for some sightseeing too, but safe to say, it was everybody’s first time to visit for a singular, significant purpose.

To look wedding appropriate while being warm and able to walk comfortably the whole day: that is the challenge!

I believe the occasion also marks the first time former HK visitors like Macon, J and I are in these parts, in Wan Chai. It doesn’t seem as busy as some of the more touristy districts that we are more familiar with, which is a nice change.

the_coupledo_the_hustleWan_Chai_stationfamily*Photo of Wan Chai station overhead pass courtesy of ekstasy 

We were also happy to learn that a number of renowned restaurants could be found here, too, even some with Michelin stars.

With that, and since the couple has already done preliminary paperwork, it was time for some pre-wedding lunch!

Dim sum? Dim plenty! 

Our lunch venue was Omri’s pick, and what a pick it was. It’s a bit of a walk from Wan Chai station – at around 3 to 4 blocks away – but DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store is worth the walk.

I would come here for the name of the restaurant alone, but it’s the food that makes for a bonafide welcome to Hong Kong.

table_DimDimSumThe place is small and nondescript. The menu is a one-pager with no pictures.

The trick is to order just enough – a real challenge when fending off hunger – and to keep a balance between ordering the familiar with the more experimental. Hence Omri’s let’s-get-down-to-business stance, haha.

orderingthe_waitThe food is well worth the wait.

We ordered some Pinoy favorites in DimDimSum Dim Sum, such as the Siu Mai (siomai), Har Gow (hakaw), and Cha Siu Bao (asado siopao).

dim_sumSome DimDimSum specialties that we tried were the deep fried dumplings with wasabi filling, the Shanghai soup dumplings with black truffle, and their best dish in my opinion: the crispy rice flour rolls with shrimp.

Soft on the outside but crunchy on the inside. Sounds silly, but so good.

crispy_rice_flour_rolls_with_shrimpMost notably, DimDimSum Dim Sum was honored by Newsweek as one of the Best Places to eat in the World in 2012. It’s a long time ago, yes, but I think they are still worth going out of your way for a meal for. Especially if you love dim sum.

An unforgettable meal to start an unforgettable day. If that wasn’t enough, we were even lucky enough to beat the lunch crowd. This couple is off to an auspicious start 🙂

DimDimSum_Dim_Sum*Photo of DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store facade courtesy of ekstasy 

More on what transpired in the next post! Stay tuned 😀

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