Lobo: Where you can have a bit of Batangas all to yourself 2

Day 2 in Lobo was dedicated to seeing this town’s claim to fame: the Malabrigo Lighthouse and the pebble beach.

The drive to Brgy. Malabrigo from the main town was easy-breezy – it’s straight all the way, road conditions are excellent, and the view is just super nice.


We just had to stop and take some photos. Unfortunately the weather stayed overcast and gray the entire time we were there.

The pebble beach was really something. It was literally a landscape of small to medium sized, smooth stones and pebbles. It reminded me a lot of panhilod – the kind of stone old people used for exfoliating their bodies back in the day.

mom_and_Akibotfeettaking_a stroll

I loved how untouched-by-a-developer’s-grubby-hands it looked. And while it didn’t seem particularly friendly – maybe it wasn’t a good day for swimming – I totally embraced its wildness.

This long stretch of stones and pebbles made for good exploring and strolling. But more unfortunate than the weather was the sheer amount of trash that has washed up here. It’s a stark contrast from all the nice photos available online, taken most likely at the height of summer.


I didn’t take a lot of photos of this horrendous scene-stealer anymore, but believe me there was too much trash.

It was kind of funny how much pair-less flip flops there were, and some were still in good condition, mind you, but it wasn’t funny at all how there were so much medicine bottles. Small amber bottles, no longer with labels, but still had caps on, without even a crack. I saw at least 10 bottles clumped together.


I’ve made a habit of taking a walk in the beach to just pick up litter. But for Malabrigo, I would need a couple of empty sacks, and some friends to help out. The whole day would go to beach cleanup, no doubt about it.


As for the lighthouse, I think I saw its entrance from the beach – we found cemented staircase going up a cliff – but I had no clue how long that climb would take, or how risky it would be with my kid in tow. I decided to chalk it up for a next visit.

Those are my primary motivations for wanting to go back to Lobo, to be perfectly honest. To see the lighthouse and to bring sacks and gloves for a day of picking up litter in the pebble beach. Who wants to come with me?




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