No Halloween gimmicks for us this year. But grateful to my daughter’s school for having trick or treat mixed in with celebrating United Nations Day. It was a fun and memorable last day of class before the All Soul’s Day break.

Trick or Treat! Wondering if she should share the sweets or not.

Her class was assigned Greece. They learned how to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in Greek, and enjoyed some humus and feta and pita bread.

Greek princesses! And some of the handsome boys of the Pre-K class.
Greek grub: humus, pita bread, feta cheese, chicken and beef skewers, and baklava. Yuuum.

The girls are just super adorable. The class even won a prize for ‘most united’ (or something like that), and I agree – they look pretty uniform!

The first half of the morning was spent snacking, watching Hercules, and playing pin the eye on the cyclops (I still get a crack out of that game, wish I thought of it first!).

Who put the glad in gladiator – Hercules!

The latter half of the morning was spent trick or treating all over the school, visiting different ‘countries’. Mad props to the creatives behind the cactus headpiece of this little lady, and the boy’s Dalai Lama costume, just got to say.

My daughter was all too happy to give away the treats she didn’t like for the chocolates. I’m also pleased with how her costume ended up looking, poor stitching skills considered. Time to hit the beach and take advantage of the holiday break!




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