Tagaytay for the soul

We don’t need a lot of reasons to go to Tagaytay. Lunch is a good enough reason.

We went to Sonya’s Garden because we couldn’t convince anybody else to come with us on a 2-hour drive for a salad (as how some men would put it). Of course there’s more to Sonya’s than it’s famous salad with edible flowers, but trust these titas when we say where others may find the food lacking, the garden ambience always makes the trip worth it.

As Macon put it, everything was just in bloom.




where_the_wild_things_areI’m not particularly fond of flowers, but as a city girl through and through, they are highly appreciated. And while it’s not exactly the same thing, spending time at Sonya’s, especially if it’s not crowded, can feel a bit like forest bathing. It’s rejuvenating.

Also, the last time the kid was here, she was just a pint sized 2-year old. Can’t believe I’m looking at the same little girl.


Photos by noblifias

The right company makes a big difference, too. I couldn’t find our old photos, but the last time we were in Sonya’s, I wasn’t even married yet. What more to see the wisterias in Japan or the lavender fields in Provence, France with this girl.

As for our second stop in Tagaytay, the last time we we were in Charito’s was last year. Clearly, we were due for a Tagaytay trip.

bitesalad_when_in_Tagaytaystrike_a_poseIt’s always a good idea to have some coffee and recharge for the drive back to Manila. Bag of Beans is everywhere in Tagaytay, and is practically an institution there, so it’s hard to say no to. A cup of their barako does just the trick, and then we stock up on coffee beans and pies.

AkirabudsrainbowWhen in Tagaytay, enjoy the greens: of the earth, across the horizon, and in your plate.






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