Craft beer and hot sauce kind of night

Clearly, it was Uncle’s night.

I’m not a craft beer enthusiast per se, so it felt odd to be here at first. My brother – let it be known – carries his own siling labuyo in a small Tupperware on hand, so the hot sauce side to this event was a strong come-on.

I’m still surprised at how fun this night turned out to be.

Weekend Brews – an event that featured some of the country’s most prominent independent breweries, hot sauce and actual peppers from the Philippine Hot Sauce Club (I was not even aware that there is a Philippine Hot Sauce Club), and live music – isn’t exactly top-of-mind when it comes to kid friendly events.

But that’s not to say that kids weren’t welcome. On the contrary, there are plenty of factors that make an event like this perfectly okay for the entire family, as I later found out. Here are some things to take note of:

An open air venue that’s safe and comfy


Weekend Brews was held at The Grove, a Rockwell retail and residential development along C5 in Pasig. It’s safe, secure, there’s parking space, bathrooms, an ATM, and a Rustan’s supermarket (you know, so you can bribe your kid with a Kinder Surprise egg in case he gets finicky 😉 ).

The open air venue featured these cool see-through tents, but thankfully it wasn’t used because it didn’t rain. There was plenty of seating space, but we were also there early.

The Retail Row is surrounded by condominium towers so there were a lot of people that bought their kids, their babies, their dogs. There were a couple of people sampling beers while still in their gym wear!

So yes there’s beer, but there’s no smoking and no rowdy people. That’s the best green light to look out for in taking your kids out.

An event with a lot of food options

Folks as old as I am would be reminded of how The Grove’s Retail Row is reminiscent of the old Rockwell in Makati with UCC, Gram’s Diner and Good Earth Roasts beside each other.

The Grove has a collection of restaurants that offered varying cuisines, from Indian to Spanish, so it’s great to have options, especially if the little ones start to get cranky from the humidity.

The event also featured a bevy of food concessionaires that offered awesome bar chow and kid-friendly food like sausages, chicken fingers and fish and chips, and truffle fries.

The event has friendly live music


This might be a bigger consideration for the grownups, but our kid happens to have a rapidly developing taste in music. We fully support exposure in music – from the pianist that plays in the mall, foreign traditional music, to contemporary rock bands – we’re game.

The venue is friendly and so are the bands. My kid can play a mean air guitar, so I want her to see how it goes to play one live, in real life, and how loud those things can be hehe.

This was also important to J and I – we want her to see girls in bands, girls on stage. She should grow up thinking girls are perfectly capable of creating awesome music, and that quite simply, they rock.


So even if Cheats was the third band to play, and my kid was already getting tired, we waited for their set. We didn’t count on her getting her second wind watching this band, but that’s what happened.

Thank you Saab Magalona and Candy Gamos for being an inspiration to a 4-year old girl 🙂

This isn’t my first time to catch them, but it was certainly my first time to get a good listen. Cheats are good. I love good harmonies, and the two female vocalists do a smooth blend.

It was also my first time to catch instrumental band Tom’s Story, and highly enjoyed their set.

In terms of the beer, my favorite was from Bulul Brewery. I had 4 different kinds of beer, and could have tried another, but there’s the downside to bringing a toddler to an event like this – they get real tired real fast. Being here at 5:30 meant it was time to head home by 8:30.


Cheers to the weekend, and an extra special thanks to Uncle Nico for bringing us to Weekend Brews and for taking awesome pictures 😀






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