Filipino food fix at Palmeras

My brother-in-law got his Filipino food fix from this amazing find in San Pablo, Laguna. Thanks to my Waze dependent husband, we ended up taking a long detour from San Juan, Batangas and ended up in these parts en route to Manila.

This is Palmeras Garden Restaurant.


A wonderful discovery! The place is vast and has a lot of shrubbery and plants, and I think it looks even better in the day.

bucket_lightI’d also like to point out this extremely quirky use of regular plastic balde as lamps. A touch of rebellion in design is a sight for sore eyes!


I just find it so awesome that a good food find is a Trip Advisor search away, even while on the road. Good LTE connection permitting, road trip food need not always be fast food.

Palmeras is a beautiful restaurant with good Filipino food. We didn’t shy away from the naughties:


And everyone was full and happy and ready to hit the road again.


‘Till the next road trip!


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