Family beach break in La Luz

Laiya is the gift that keeps on giving. Just around the corner from the city, it patiently waits to welcome you back every time the call of the sea becomes difficult to ignore.

I was dead set on a beach trip especially since my visiting brother-in-law expressed interest. For a while then it seemed that the weather wasn’t going to let up from the constant rains, but this day trip turned out great.


We’ve been to Virgin Beach, Acuaverde, and now La Luz – the last (or one of the last) among the long stretch of resorts in this popular seaside area. The ‘sand’ is more like tiny smooth gravel in these parts, but the water is unbelievably clear. There are also a lot of fish – perfect for snorkelers.


This is only the second time that we were able to take J’s parents to the beach (the first time was in Pico de Loro for Akira’s birthday). I realize we haven’t really ventured out, but the proximity of Batangas from Manila is hard to beat, especially now that we live in the south.

I also thought it was a nice contrast to go somewhere more rugged coming from a somewhat posh resort hotel experience last time. Batangas is a huge province after all, there is something for everyone.

My brother in law seemed to have enjoyed himself, and I’m glad even my dad-in-law took a dip.

The little one had a grand time as well. We had to make her take a nap after lunch, and then she was back in the water. She even made a friend!


The day trip fee in La Luz already includes lunch and merienda buffet. Drinks are not included but brewed coffee is only Php25. There’s no separate fee for renting a day bed either.

The merienda is the real kicker. My mother in law loved the puto, I loved the creamy, cheesy baked macaroni, and everybody else hoarded the suman. I had a couple myself, tbh hehe.

Suman from Batangas is THE BEST. If they serve Batangas suman every time, that is reason enough to visit. No need for sugar and is terrific with coffee.

in fact I’m going to end with that – beach and suman is the life.





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