Welcome always, house guest

It’s such a nice warm feeling, something as simple as having a friend show up at your house – you’re not sick, sad, or anything – to just hang out and chat the day away.

We had coffee and toasted butter bread. I ended up eating most of the crunchy toast, ahehe, while Aki ate her Eggnogs and proceeded to entertain our guest in her own little-big way.


We stepped out for dinner, and then came back for tea.

Maybe it’s because it’s just her, or it has been a while since I had a house guest (she would find this funny) but I realized I like this whole having a visitor/entertaining at home thing a lot.

Sa lagay na ‘to I don’t even have a fine china set of whatever, but now I want to have a separate or a nicer set of cups and plates and stuff for when visitors do come over. I want to have a bar cart and serve a cheese platter.

For now, I took out my super cute Spirited Away teacups, knowing full well my co-Studio Ghibli fan will appreciate them. I wish I got more of them.


I’m happy I got this cactus tray from H&M Home too, because it’s cute and I do get to use it.


And I’m glad I have enough beverage options to offer on hand. There’s pineapple juice in a jug in the fridge, and there’s hot chocolate, coffee and tea. At the moment, I have Stash acai berry herbal tea, Japanese roasted barley tea, some loose-leaf tea from China that was a pasalubong (not sure what the flavor is), and some turmeric-lemongrass tea.

I always need have some form of ginger tea at home for scratchy throats and upset stomachs. The Iida Farms bag of tea was a recent discovery from Echo Store. It’s very good.

We spent the rest of the night talking about the most domestic of things, funny enough, like the kind of mops we use for cleaning our houses, the cleaning products we swear on, our pet dogs, and how we’re a bit like reluctant gardeners, just wanting the lush, verdant effect they have but not really knowing much about growing plants.

We were on the floor, off the sofas, and while a rug would’ve been nice, we were comfy just the same. It was a fine ending to a good day, saying goodbye to each other only because the kid has already fallen asleep in her going-out clothes on the sofa and we were beginning to get sleepy ourselves.

Today was a gentle reminder of how tremendously blessed I am by this home. Not only does it anchor us, it provides a warm shared space for cheer and laughter. Hosting is sharing and sharing is love. Friends are always, always welcome.



2 thoughts on “Welcome always, house guest

  1. Thank you for welcoming me always in your home . How did I end up bringing home lemon plants at the end of the day? 🤣🍋


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