Bacon asparagus pasta

My friend has fallen in love with Italy. I’ve never been, but it’s not difficult to relate. We’re talking about the land of pizza and pasta after all πŸ™‚

While I daydream of Europe, hitting the museums, and sampling all the wine and cheese I possibly could, might as well cook!

I got these dried herb/pasta sauce thingies from Italy. They are wonderful. They can be used solo, but it’s nicer to use with fresh vegetables and ingredients, as my friend showed me.

secret_ingredientWe tried two variants before. The first one was more tomato based so we also used fresh tomatoes, some minced garlic, and fresh parsley. For the other type, we used some leeks, garlic, and some chopped bacon and cooking cream.

Bacon makes everything better, so I used a pack again for this recipe. I decided to try using asparagus too. Bacon and asparagus – just perfect together.

These are the fresh ingredients I used.

First thing to do is to fry the chopped bacon and to cook the pasta according to the package instructions. Fettuccine was what I had at the time.

After frying the bacon, set them aside. I wasn’t left with a whole lot of bacon oil in the pan, so I used it for sauteing the garlic and then the asparagus.

garlic_asparagusOnce the asparagus is tender, add the dried herbs.

add_secret_ingredientThis is it, this is going to be my pasta ‘sauce’ so I drizzled some more olive oil. I added some pasta and tossed them all up.

bacon_asparagus_pastaHusband and kiddie approved πŸ™‚ Grazie mile, Macon


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