Fruits, veggies and more at Philippine Harvest

I miss weekend markets.

When we lived in QC, my old routine was to buy the meats, dry goods and pet stuff from the supermarket, then get the fruits, vegetables, eggs, seafood, breads, and other goodies like nitrate-free sausages from the Sidcor Sunday market in Eton Centris.

I had it so good! I had the morning all to myself, shopping, and eating merienda (light snack) staples from my childhood that I just don’t come across much anymore like ginataang mais (sweet corn and rice pudding with coconut milk) and home made palabok.

I was getting fresh goods directly from those who make them, and not getting everything from the supermarket turned out to be a more economical option for us, too.

Something new

While the set up here is much smaller than most weekend markets like Sidcor or Salcedo Market, it still had a wide variety of items for sale. It also had plenty of organic produce available – some I have never encountered before, even.

This is the Philippine Harvest at Central Square!


Not much of a weekend market, I admit, it is more like a mini bazaar with a theme. Here are some of my finds:

This tiny thing is an eggplant! Amazing.
I don’t quite remember what she said (was it a Cambodian variety?), but these little eggplant balls seem to be a Southeast Asian kind. The seller says they’re pretty versatile, and you can saute them, or add them in salads like cherry tomatoes.
Went home with this instead – a new throw! Yay!

Earthbeat Farms and WVN Home Textiles shared a booth, and I got the throw from the latter. It’s made of a local type of handwoven textile from La Union.

WVN offers table napkins, place mats, and even nautical themed beach towels made from this handcrafted gem. Check out their Instagram for colors and designs: @wvnhome

The ladies from The Honest Crop were so good at convincing us to sample their products, which is great because I think that’s all it takes for anyone to bring these goodies home.

If you’re a bit of a snacker and like chips (or crisps), grab several of these. Stat.

The Honest Crop takes the ‘junk’ out of junk food with these made-from-real-vegetables chips. To rephrase one of the captions in their Instagram post, The Honest Crop produces healthy snacks by simply cooking sweet potato, taro, and other crops for an easy-to-eat, convenient and fun way of eating healthy.

They are just perfect for occasional chip snackers like Aki and I, and especially for the real junk food lover in the family *cough cough*.

Care to try?
Nom nom nom!

We bought sweet potato chips in cheese and bbq flavor, and also garlic edamames. My brother bought their wasabi edamames, and they were so good too. Do like The Honest Crop on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

I was also happy to spot Homegrown Organics at the second floor of Central Square after only discovering them online recently. Here, I finally got some produce – native tomatoes, spinach, upo, and mangoes – all organic.

Cost is usually a concern with organic produce, but I remember not paying a lot for my loot – just Php230 for the items mentioned above.

Akira likes squash. We call them pumpkin at home so she associates them with Cinderella. These butternut squashes look cute and yummy, but I skipped buying these for now. We have no helper and they’re a pain to peel 😦

Other random scenes from the fair:

It’s a small fair but the products are amazing. There are artisanal chocolates, condiments like vinegar and hot sauce, and liquor made from local produce like calamansi, dalandan and even coffee. There are tons of rice varieties, spreads and jams. And there are even novel items like mushroom sisig that’s ready-to-eat (which I bought, by the way, can’t wait to try it!).

Philippine Harvest at Central Square isn’t a regular weekend thing, so it would be good to follow some of the participating vendors’ social media accounts, including the venue’s (@centralsquareph) to know when the next one will be.

Really happy to have dropped by (even my brother bought a sili plant!), and even happier with my loot! ‘Till the next harvest!

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