Hello, Laguna! Herb Republic

Coming off from a meal that was heavy but not as satisfying, I zeroed in on the most healthy-sounding restaurant from TripAdvisor’s list of ‘top-rated restaurants’ near 88 Hotspring Resort: Herb Republic.


There are so many terms for restaurants like this nowadays, it can be a little confusing – vegan, vegetarian, farm-to-table, organic. In the case of Herb Republic, they are a farm business that extended into a restaurant. They support environmentally sound agricultural practices, and that’s not limited to herbs and vegetables. Chicken and pork are also on the menu.

It reminded me a lot of another Laguna gem, Costales Nature Farms, where their pigs don’t stink and are fed vegetables and herbs. Read all about our visit there here: A day in the farm!

Getting the family to eat healthy starts with mommy!

As the mom, and as a wife to a husband who will always answer ‘ikaw na bahala‘ (up to you – grrr!) when it comes to the where-to-eat question, I try very hard to steer the family towards healthier establishments, like The Corner Tree Cafe.

Vegetables. Sometimes they have to be breaded and deep fried just so my family will eat them. Herb Republic’s Shiitake Mushroom Tempura.

It’s on me to make sure J and the kid gets some veggies and fruits into their system – even if it’s just a banana at times. I have a husband that can live off Spam and pizza until his golden years, and my daughter has developed a great fondness for pork – bacon, longanisa, liempo – that would rival a typical child’s love for fried chicken.

Fruits. Sometimes the only way you can make them take them is in liquid form.

This is what works best for us. By that I mean, everyone is happy and satisfied in a mommy kind of restaurant as long as it serves some kind of meat. And if our family sounds a lot like yours, or you just want to choose healthy for a change, then say hello to Herb Republic.

Ooh, nice!

That was my first impression. I’ve never met a former house renovated and re-purposed into a restaurant that I didn’t like. This restaurant in particular just embraced the fact that it’s formerly an old house and upped the boho factor.


The piano was an excellent touch as well, if only our daughter knew how to play!

This is how you veg out

“healthy but delicious!” “all organic glory!” “awesome food!” are just some of the TripAdvisor review headlines for Herb Republic. I second the motion.

I’ve never ordered so many veggies before, but I’m also happy with everything I ordered. J and Aki shared the liempo and they were happy with it too.

Bok Choy Balls
Grilled pork belly
Stir fried spinach
Tarragon iced tea

These days, that’s how I can get them to eat vegetables – it has to be paired with a protein they can’t refuse, like lechon kawali or pork chops. I mean, my kid just ate spinach. There wasn’t even any kind of dessert involved.

So thank you, Herb Republic. We are belly grateful.

Herb Republic is along Km63 Lopez Avenue, Los Banos, Laguna

Operating Hours is from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm

Like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram

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