Not-a-bag-girl at a bag launch

(Updated) I am not a girly girl but I believe in the power of heels, make up, and a glass of Chardonnay or two in keeping a foul mood at bay. Maybe it’s because you have to smile a lot, or maybe it’s just the alcohol, but it works.

Akira drinking. Water. Come on 😀

And that’s how this not-really-a-bag-girl-kind-of-girl got her perk back at the Demetria x Idee launch.

It was an intimate gathering – too intimate if you hardly know anyone, but cozy enough to make new acquaintances. Speaking of making acquaintances, our little one wasn’t too fond of doing just that, and literally tried to cough her way out of saying hello to anyone. We are (slightly) embarrassed parents – we do apologize – but we also try not to make her hug or kiss anyone if she’s not comfortable. Here’s our best effort!

Akira trying to wriggle away from famous people. From left: with Mich Dulce (@michdulce), with Mikee Cojuangco (@mikeecj), and with Ramon De Veyra (@ramondeveyra).

As for the stars of the night, I found the bags polished and versatile. They strike that elusive balance between functionality and prettiness, and will charm many women. I found out later that the bags sold out that very night.

Demetria x Idee: The Bucket in black, the Demi in silver, and the Sempre in black. That’s the radiant bag designer herself, Mai Mai Cojuangco.

What I find impressive most in this collection is the craftsmanship. It really comes across that a lot of thought and heart went into the creation of these bags. And that Italians simply don’t mess around with leather.

Congratulations to Rica Lorenzo Davila (Idee Clothing) and Mai Mai Cojuangco for a successful launch! I may not be much of a bag lady, but I do appreciate quality and good design.

P.S. If there’s no escaping bringing the little one to a social event, save the chocolate soufflé for last.

Also, wala ng hiya hiya ‘pag maganda ang ilaw (Don’t shy away from good lighting, folks).


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