Now it makes sense

After days of feeling like my body wasn’t mine, I was too damn bloated for no reason, and I was having these random little yet persistent headaches, it feels fantastic for things to finally make sense.

J (and his parents) is the one who’s really looking forward to having another kid, but since we were really chill about the whole thing, he came to the point that if it doesn’t happen, then it’s not meant to happen.

But now it has happened!

I can only describe how we came to this point as ‘trying but not really’ because while the intention was there, we didn’t put a whole lot of effort in it. And now that it’s official, I just feel tremendously relieved!

I am not just getting fat! I don’t have a serious illness! Oh my God, I am going to have another child!

I haven’t really meditated on this new journey yet, this is my first attempt. Of course the news has prompted a look back at my pregnancy journey with Akira – a wonderful, mostly happy, and even full of new experiences kind of ride – and I am only too eager to replicate, if not, go beyond what I’ve went through in that beautiful 9-month journey.

Here are some highlights:

Wilson Philips Live in Manila, October 2012

Wilson Philips was a big part of my high school life, and I wasn’t going to let a concert in Manila pass! Of course being pregnant, I was also happy that they’re a sit-down-sing-along kind of act.

It was the kind of concert that really takes you back. I remember the crowd mostly consisted of women our age and groups of girlfriends, and we just sang along to everything.

Their vocal harmony sounded phenomenal live, and it was a treat to watch them perform several covers of classic hits like California Dreamin’.

We capped the night off at TGIFRiday’s for a complete titas’ night out!

First time to attend bachelorette’s party + Ditas’ wedding, November and December 2012

Not the first time to be invited to one, but the first time to make it to one!

It was a night full of thrills and shrieks, and having to politely decline a lap dance. What struck me the most was how NBD it was to eat with the stripper after his performance (“kuya, kain“). We’re so professional!

After that, it was such a beautiful experience to be a part of your highschool buddy’s journey to a new life with her love.

She looked beautiful, and radiant, and when the groom ended up shedding a few tears, I felt assured in my heart that she was in good hands.

I was able to go out of town at least twice too! There was the random beach outing with Nico, June and J in Stilts, Calatagan, November 2013:

First time to take Yuri sea-swimming!

And then there was the time my mom just had a case of itchy feet and we ended up in Villa Escudero (a month before I was due to pop!):

It’s nice to visit when it’s been ages since you’ve been to a place last, but even better to have somebody with you who has never been there before (my husband can be quite the local tourist). He loved the museum! We also thought the cultural dance performance was pretty good too.

In terms of food, I have great food memories from my pregnancy. A little too good, maybe. I remember Christmas dinner was buffet in Fairmont, and New Year’s was buffet in Manila Peninsula.

I wouldn’t recommend good buffets like that too close to each other. But, it was good to put on a nice dress and heels (just 2 inches, no worries) and go somewhere nice for the holidays.

This was around the time I got to try Ukkokei for the first time too:


Very good!

I saw my pregnancy as this amazing 9-month window for living well, being happy, and trying new things. I plan to do the same with this pregnancy. I hope to see new sights, eat well, continue my yoga practice, and try not to be stressed about the things I have to temporarily say goodbye too (like foot spas and facials huhuhu).

I will use this time to read, write, enjoy art, catch shows! I will have plenty of things to write about, so I hope you enjoy the ride too!

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