My Cup Noodle Museum souvenir

Instant noodles.

The right thing to do is to avoid processed food like it as much possible, but there’s also no denying that a lot of people find it a kind of comfort food.

For me, Nissin’s Savoury Beef Yakisoba was a big part of my college life, and though I hardly eat it anymore, I’d still get that rare yet intense craving for Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton.

I unfortunately don’t recall anymore who I got this hack from, but the ones that got it from me sounded really grateful. So allow me to share: Prepare a pack of original Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton together with a pack of the kalamansi variant. Mix them all up. Commence binge watch of anime or TV series of your choice. And if you’re feeling extra YOLO (oh boy), wash it down with ice-cold regular Coke.

I value health, but I also like to keep it real!

So when I visited the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, Japan recently, this is the souvenir I picked up for myself:


I don’t know what it is or what is says in Japanese. My guess is it’s a kind of instant Japanese pancake or Japanese pizza or instant okonomiyaki. It looked delicious and fairly easy to make.

Plus, as far as I know it’s not available here in the Philippines. So if you have seen it, or you’re wondering if it actually tastes good, let me tell you now: Pick up a box or two. It is delicious and easy to make.


The box contains 2 packets of powder and 2 small packets of instant noodles. You also need some fresh ingredients for this mainly some chopped cabbage, chopped spring onions and 2 eggs.

I just winged the instructions from the illustration at the back of the box.


Again, not a word of English even for the preparation instructions, but from what I surmise, you’re supposed to just mix everything up together and pour the mixture in a frying pan. The Pinoy in me couldn’t help sauteing the onions in a bit of oil first 😀


It doesn’t look appetizing at this point yet, but continue to mix thoroughly before leaving it alone and letting it set. Personally, I prefer the sides to be a bit crisp so I didn’t turn it often.


The finished product! I couldn’t achieve the round pancake look, but it does taste good! Feel free to eat by itself as a savory snack, or like what we did, we paired it as a side dish to some pork chops for a hearty lunch.

The great thing about this instant okonomiyaki is that it requires real ingredients like vegetables, and it’s not as salty as most instant ramen. This means that the dish is buildable – you can add more ingredients or season it as you like. I’ve added a little soy sauce, and it tasted even better. Some chopped shiitake mushrooms, some shrimp, or maybe even some bacon would’ve done wonders to it too. Maybe even add some bonito flakes and Japanese mayo like the real okonomiyaki!

Thanks to this product I also came to a realize that maybe, for the Japanese, instant ramen is just the base, and it is meant to be prepared with fresh ingredients or real food. For us Filipinos we seem to just see instant noodles as a be-all-end-all dish and eat is as it is.

I know, I know, it’s exactly why we eat them in the first place, for the convenience. But if at home, and maybe there are random, even leftover veggies or proteins lying around, we can try getting creative (and just a tad more health conscious) with our instant pancit canton or instant noodle soup by adding them. Who knows, we might just be on to a new food hack.

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