A flower girl in Cebu

I was also around 3 when I was a flower girl at a wedding. I think I was only able to be one twice.

This is my daughter Akira’s first time to be a flower girl. We got to go to Cebu for it. Squee 😀

Day 1, and Akira had to go to the dressmaker for her fitting. Love the color motif of this wedding, by the way.


J has family in Cebu, so it’s always nice to visit. Akira has cousins there too, Chloe and Mimi, and they hit it off even if she’s the baby in their group.

Her cousin Chloe was going to be a flower girl in the wedding too, so they got to spend a lot of time together. Here they are having a romping good time during the rehearsal in Cafe Laguna:

As she grows older I’m certain her fondness for Cebu will only increase, and that she will develop a strong, wonderful bond with her cousins. J and Chloe’s dad were quite close growing up, too.

Wedding Rehearsal

This is Akira’s first wedding so we have no idea how she would be. Of course we hope that there will be no tantrums and that she gets to do a nice walk down the aisle without any problems. And while we’d never know how it would go until the day itself, wedding rehearsals didn’t give me much comfort. I’m inclined to believe my kid has no elegant bone in her body but I love her for it! 😀

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Wedding Prep

Thank goodness for afternoon weddings. Not only does it mean you are less likely to be in a mad rush, but the traffic in Cebu can be pretty bad too, so I think it works out best for everyone.

I detest full makeup on children (unless its non-toxic face paint), and was expecting a makeup person that would just pile everything on, swipe a bright fuchsia on Aki’s lips, and give her spider leg mascara lashes.

I was completely taken aback. The hair and make up artists hired for the day were very professional and accommodating, and just super nice.


I regret not being able to get the make up artist’s name, but we were on the same page with a very light and natural look for my little girl. I’m a happy momma duck and Aki’s a happy duckling.

Wedding Day

Flower Girl duties fulfilled without a hitch.

Princess Imp looking like a real princess.

Momma rockin’ a pantsuit in a sea of dresses and doing a decent make up job on herself.

Cebu, you give us a lot of love.

Beautiful wedding. Cute couple. Awesome reception.

Lots of family, friends, good Chinese food, and a dedicated team that worked hard and stayed until the wee hours to make sure everything was in place and that everybody had a great time.


Many thanks and best wishes, Jedd and Marissa.

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