Christmas 2016 at the Tans

I still don’t feel like the house is ready for parties or big groups. The house is hot and humid, and there will be small kids. We still lack chairs and plates and cutlery. I still want a carpet and a table runner.

But. It’s our yearly Christmas get-together. We hardly hung out this year, and this is my core friends we are talking about. My sisters from another mother. My other family.

It’s Christmas and it’s ok to feel a little sentimental (I tell myself). Going through the pictures taken that night, I was left with a warm happy feeling and a stupid smile on the face.

We’ve been friends since high school. We’ve trekked our own paths since then, going to different schools for college, pursuing different types of work, going through boyfriends, settling down, having babies, and yeah, still here after everything.

I don’t know why organizing a get-together has become such a tremendous task as we get older, and so it sucks that we aren’t complete, and our other sister couldn’t come home this year. But when the plan does push through, a night is never enough.

Our house is filled with people, and it has never been more vibrant. The kids are sweaty but they are happy. My pets were fantastic ambassadors. We have good food, we are full. And my friends insist on taking off their shoes at the door 🙂

I always wish that the get-togethers happen more often. If not our birthdays, for our kids’ birthdays.

I cling to the hope that we can do an out-of-town trip because we’ve never done it, or go on another out-of-the-country trip because the last time was ages ago, and not all of us were able to go.

It’s a great time for our kids, too. They’re really becoming more familiar with each other and are more comfortable with each other. It’s ridiculous how they’re growing up so fast.

So please, guys. Let’s see each other so often that there would be no need for a catch-up on each other’s lives, we would be up-to-date. Let’s see each other so often, our kids have no choice but to be barkadas too. Let’s see each other even when there’s no occasion. Let the men mind the kids and take our photos. 🙂


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