Halloween 2016 with the Tans

This is our first time to really celebrate, or more like acknowledge Halloween as a legit holiday-event for the family. Sure, it can be annoying; another marketing fuelled excuse to spend and buy and fuss over nothing, really, but thankfully what we experienced this year is nothing like that.Akira knows a bit about Halloween. She sings along to the Halloween cartoons on YouTube, knows about vampires and ghosts and witches, and has even excitedly agreed to dressing up as Masha from Masha and the Bear, before changing her mind and insisting on dressing up as Elsa instead.

We didn’t get to dress up as either girls. Here’s what happened:

Cultural Diversity Day

Akira with some of her classmates. Not the only ninja, but the only girl ninja *pats self on back*

In Akira’s school, last October 28 was Cultural Diversity Day. It was the kids last day of school before the big break, and it also became their Halloween celebration of sorts.

Akira’s class was assigned to represent Japan, so the kids had to come in Japanese or Japan-inspired costumes, and they also had to bring Japanese food for sharing. The parents were asked to include some sweets 🙂

Our big plan to have her cosplay as Naruto was shattered by the lack of ready-made costumes available. We were hoping Comic Alley would have something but they didn’t have any costumes in kids’ sizes 😦 We opted for the next best (see also ‘budget friendly’) thing – a regular ninja outfit:

I knew I could count on Uniqlo for basic children’s clothes in any color, so we used an old pair of Uniqlo leggings and paired it with a Uniqlo black hoodie – the only thing we bought. The ‘mask’ is actually my eye mask in reverse 😀

Trick or Treating in the village

The next day was trick or treat in our village. I had no expectations for this particular community event, after all our neighborhood is small. And while we could have rung up some friends so we can join in the bigger village trick or treat celebrations, or maybe even go to a hotel that had a fun program, we wanted to keep it low key this year.

This is our little girl’s first Halloween. I want her to have a nice, fun little memory of it and of our little neighborhood, too.

Our li’l Doc McStuffins had a grand time going around the village, opening her doctor bag for candy. Yes, our dog Yuri couldn’t contain his joy, too. And no, no chocolates for him, of course, only Dentastix!

I’ve never seen the village basketball court that full of kids and families. I was also surprised that a lot of kids really took dressing up to heart, and not minding the stifling outfits and what I can only imagine as sticky make-up.

For all it’s worth, Halloween is a great opportunity for kids to exercise manners (waiting for turns and saying thank you, to start) and more importantly, sharing. It’s even a good excuse to go out and get to know neighbors, and make a lot of kids happy.

Next year, who knows, we might make a family thing out of the costumes. I wish I thought of it earlier, but I’m going to make it a point to go local with the chocolates and sweets, too. Can’t also wait to see what kind of characters she’d be interested in dressing up as by then.

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