Kid tries yoga


One of the few things that has truly positively impacted my life.

I got back into yoga regularly thanks to a corporate package late last year. When I resigned, I turned to online videos. I discovered a good one, and got to doing it regularly at home.

Didn’t take the little one long en0ugh to start joining mommy and thinking it’s a great time for back rides 😀

Kids Yoga at Treehouse

We tried kids’ yoga for the first time in my home studio, Treehouse Yoga. Here’s a recap of how the class goes:

Getting ready! Yoga for kids has to be fun too, so teacher has plenty of toys and props.
A nifty breathing exercise perfect for little ones – blow on a feather and make sure it doesn’t reach the ground!
Teacher Hannah shows Akira how to do it.
Here, the kids are asked what their favorite fruit is and they draw it on a piece of paper. Teacher adds some hands and legs on the fruit for a cool yoga pose!


Funny how she chose an apple when she doesn’t eat them 😛

Akira’s idea of shavasana involves blankies.

“Now must play”

It’s one of the many things that set a kids yoga class apart from a regular class – teacher Hannah teaches the kids to say “now must play” instead of namaste :). A kiddie yoga class is tailor fit for children. There are opportunities for running around, for sitting down and drawing, using toys and props, and they even have a kind of shavasana, or the part where you lay down and rest. 

Recently, Treehouse Yoga and Club Bambino partnered together to offer kids’ yoga classes in Club Bambino. We were psyched to be back in Bambino – and to do yoga again!

There are 2 kinds of classes, one for younger kids up to age 3 but mommy has to join, and one for kids 3 years old and up. Akira tried this class with the older kids, but I think we should be in the mom and kids yoga class next time. The kids in this class can be left alone already, and can follow instructions.

Akira is still new to yoga, but I think she likes it. It’s still hard for her to sit still sometimes, and she still goofs around a lot, but I noticed that when it’s time for doing some actual poses, she likes to do them.

Teacher Hannah, aside from teaching yoga to kids, is also a preschool teacher, and her patience with the children is amazing.

I’m just glad I get to share something I really love with my little girl, and that she seems to be liking it as well. We’re at this phase where we think Aki can do with another activity after school, she has a lot of energy. We’re seriously looking at swimming, and if we can do yoga every Saturday too, that would be awesome. I can even make it to Treehouse’s power yoga class at 2 pm 😀





5 thoughts on “Kid tries yoga

  1. Aki is adorable. What’s the online video that’s good? I’m doing yoga on and off. I really need to be more consistent with it. 🙂


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