Appreciating Ph interior design through the Evolution exhibit

An L-shaped sofa. A coffee table. Pendant lights. Linen bed sheets. Shower heads. These are just some of the things that visually pop up when you think of interior design. For some people, these things have the excitement level of having high tea or wearing a crisp button down. Some people might even think that … More Appreciating Ph interior design through the Evolution exhibit

Shopping in Fukuoka

Konnichi wa! I still have a couple of entries on Fukuoka left, we were there for four days after all. When it comes to shopping, I admit, I kind of got carried away a little bit (the husband will shake his head and call this an understatement). The thing is though, what caught my eye aren’t … More Shopping in Fukuoka

Kid tries yoga

Yoga. One of the few things that has truly positively impacted my life. I got back into yoga regularly thanks to a corporate package late┬álast year. When I resigned, I turned to online videos. I discovered a good one, and got to doing it regularly at home. Didn’t take the little one long en0ugh to … More Kid tries yoga