In Photos: Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Fukuoka Castle used to be the biggest castle in Kyushu. Not much of the original structure is left, save for some turrets, gates, and impressive stone walls.

It probably wasn’t the best idea to explore the site given the heat (we were there around 10 am), so take it from our experience and save this place for a much later time in the day. Here are some pictures:

Up, up up! It was the start of the day, this was our first major sightseeing spot, and Aki is pumped!
Hello, Ohori Park! Hello, Fukuoka!
Nice, but better with sakura 😦
These walls are what’s left of the castle’s original structure. This is also my attempt at artsy travel photography, haha.
Token turista shot!
Hello, family! The rest of our group takes a break and checks out cicadas up close!
This little bugger makes a lot of noise!
So. Hot. Mummy. Help.
Smile! (Even though daughter is getting cross eyed with the heat and bb cream has trickled down face)

Their garden was pretty but my heart sank a little bit when I saw photos online of how it looks like when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. It would have been more interesting too, if we had a guide taking us through its history.

I have not tried this, but came across a walking tour for Fukuoka Castle that sounded exactly what our little visit lacked: Fukuoka Castle Ruins Walk. If anything, it’s another incentive to go back and visit Fukuoka when it’s a little colder.

The Fukuoka Castle Ruins is about a 15-minute walk from Ohori-Koen subway station, and doesn’t have entrance fees. There’s a public bathroom near the entrance, as well as a vending machine for drinks.

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