Akira would rather NOT see the dentist

Akira’s very first visit to the dentist was 6 months ago. It did not go very well.


What happened?

I dressed her up in a nice dress, and we looked forward to taking a lot of nice pictures from a big first. We took a lot of pictures and videos alright, but they’re mostly squeals and wails from a terrified child, so they just sat there in our phones.

I remember reading that as soon as the first tooth sprouts is when the kid should visit the dentist already. For a couple of eager beaver parents, I don’t know why we weren’t able to do that. I realize now that more than the actual check up, I think that early first visit is more for getting the kid familiarized with the dentist and the clinic so that he wouldn’t get scared. That’s what we missed on.

We went to Children’s Dental Center as recommended by my friend Ted. I figured a children’s dental clinic should be the better option instead of our own dentist. They should be more used to dealing with children, and hopefully they have a fun looking clinic with lots of toys and stuff.

Before our appointment, I looked for some videos online that Akira can watch to help her get an idea of what’s going to happen and amazingly, there’s a lot of stuff out there.

I chanced upon this video after typing in “child’s first visit to dentist” in YouTube, and it’s pretty accurate. The first visit will mostly consist of counting teeth and teeth cleaning. For some weird reason, Akira even got hooked on this video, she’d watch it over and over again. And then there’s even a Berenstain Bear episode on visiting the dentist that she watched a lot, too.

In spite of that, none of us were prepared for what went down that big day. She was having none of it. She wouldn’t even sit on the chair. There was a lot of kicking and flailing, so we had to hold her down. To this day, she remembers the dress she wore then as the dress she wore to the dentist.

So to appease her a bit, we went to the mall and bought surprise eggs. Yes, they helped. A lot. 🙂

The 2nd visit

It was just the two of us, so I couldn’t take pictures.

I barely convinced her to lie down on the chair, I still had to restrain her somehow, and yes, she still cried buckets. But, we did make progress.

The dentist was able to do everything she needed to do, and Aki even gave her a high five afterwards. It’s like she still doesn’t like it, but it helps that not everything is new this time.

All her teeth are out, they are good and clean, and our next visit isn’t until January next year! Hopefully I can schedule my own oral prophylaxis soon so she can see that we’re totally ok with dentists 😀

And since it was a good visit, all in all, some eggs were again in order:


‘Till next year!



2 thoughts on “Akira would rather NOT see the dentist

  1. Fukuoka brought me here. Hi Aki! 😀 I think Kai and Aki have the same dentist. Don’t worry it took us a year for Kai to tolerate dental visits (but getting him to brush his teeth thoroughly is getting more and more difficult now that he’s getting older and discovers candy; he likes to floss with me though, yey!).


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