Impromptu lunch at Kapeng Mainit

(Updated) For no rhyme or reason, traffic was horrendous in our area today. What usually takes around 30 minutes by car took double the time, and then some.

We were tardy for school. I heard the other kid who lives in our area arrived just a few minutes earlier than us. So when that kid’s nurse told me that their driver was running late in picking them up because traffic hasn’t subsided, I was in no rush to go home.

Hello, Kapeng Mainit!

This place is as south as it can get! Located along Tropical Avenue in BF International, Waze took me on what felt like a road trip to places unknown just to get here.

Akira’s still groggy and feeling meh when we got there, hence the tossing and turning. I for one, was ready to eat.

Kapeng Mainit feels like a homey-cozy campus cafe that’s perfect for no-frills dates and intimate barkada get-togethers. Meat takes centre stage here, with adobo, tapa, tocino, fried chicken, and even Spam figuring prominently in entrees.

I ordered the adobo for myself and the grilled cheese sandwich for Akira. The adobo was good in its simplicity – soft chunks of meat in a bed of fluffy butter rice topped with a perfectly poached egg. I wasn’t able to try Akira’s, but she pretty much polished off her meal, so I think that’s a thumbs up right there, too.

We also ordered the house specialty to go – beignets. The waitress mentioned that we can order an assortment of beignets so we can try all the different fillings, so we went with that.


J and I shared them for merienda – they’re very good.

Last but not the least, I’m pleasantly surprised with their complimentary cup of brewed coffee. I haven’t been impressed with a simple cup of coffee in a while – this is a no-joking-around brew. I think this is what they mean when they say ‘robust’.

The cafe is quite small and we were lucky to have it all to ourselves at the time. Aki also had a grand time playing with their tea kettle.

If there were more people though, service would most probably suffer considering there’s only two staff. I also feel that the meat to rice ratio of my meal wasn’t as proportioned – I wish there were more meat.

A friend told me once Akira and I are just like best friends, hanging out together all the time. That thought makes me smile. I’m also happy to have done something spontaneous and have it turn out well again. See what bad traffic can do!

Kapeng_Mainit_announcementKapeng Mainit is now located in 3 Pablo Roman corner Tropical Avenue, BF Homes, Las Pinas City.

Call at +63917 557 3375

Like their page on Facebook, follow them on Instagram





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