Hello, Hole in the Wall!

Probably the best reason to go to Century City Mall: have a meal (and a new profile photo!) at Hole in the Wall.

To date, it’s the country’s best looking food court. In fact it’s hard to reconcile the term with the place, so let’s go with the more posh ‘communal dining hall’.

You had me at industrial

It’s the dominant aesthetic of the place, and my personal favorite. Masculine, but still has warmth and coziness. It even has this unique Pinoy urban touch. Space Encounters did a remarkable job.

Lighting is also good here, perfect for current or would-be style and fashion bloggers! I’m the latter, hahaha (NOT)!

Bonus: super good food

Dinner is courtesy of Bad Bird, one of our favorites here. They’re best known for fried chicken with an umami twist. There’s that ridiculously good corn-on-a-stick, too.

dinner at Hole in the Wall

For Akira, we always get their chicken nuggets and a side of plain rice.

All that she’s interested in though, is her tray of handpicked Scout’s Honor cookies. Many thanks for the sweet treat, tita Elleanne!

J and I devoured cheeseburgers from The Beef. It’s everything that’s good in a burger. So good we forgot to take photos.

Good looking and with good food to boot. Bring somebody who has never been here before and they’ll never think of food courts the same way again.

Hole in the Wall is at the 4th Floor of Century City Mall, 

Kalayaan corner Salamanca Street, Makati City

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