Akira’s first day of school

Curly top is officially a preschooler today. Our family just ticked a major life milestone off the list.

We woke up bright and early, and moved at a pretty fast pace even if I slept late the night before.

Apparently, she was already in the car while I was still in the bathroom. That excited for school, wow!
Mommy, I’m ready, hurry…
Ugh, dad, so init! 😀

I did momma duties and double checked if we had everything the school asked us to bring, in addition to labelling everything. They had a long list of items for us to prepare, including dishwashing liquid, a kitchen sponge, and liquid hand soap, to an emergency kit that includes a whistle and dust masks.

When Aki has school, I like to prepare her outfit ahead, too. I truly believe that confusion regarding outfit options can be a genuine cause of delay, as personally experienced several times before in my work life, hahaha 😛

I had to bear in mind that while I want my kid to look ‘decent’ and presentable, she also needs to be in clothes that she can comfortably run around and play in. Also, she might get dirtied up from school activities or even from eating her food. Best to leave the fancy stuff for church-day Sundays.

She only has two classmates from summer school who are back, while the rest of her classmates are new. The teacher is also new.

I’m really glad we signed her up for summer school. I think we nipped the first day of school blues because the environment is already familiar to her.

Lurker-mom sneaks a photo. She didn’t even look for me.

Our baby is growing up and we are growing old. We are on our way to attending PTC’s and signing parent acknowledgement forms. I’ll be taking my kid to and from school, starting my day early, pretty much like how my dad was to me. Before we know it, she’ll be asking us for money and going on sleepovers! Good grief!

In the parent’s orientation, one of the school directors shared that there will be some kind of adjustment again after a month or two when the novelty of school wears off and the kids realize it’s not all fun and games, and there are rules to be followed. That’s true. I wonder how our experience will be like then.

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