Hello, Tiendesitas

I wanted to check out interesting furnishings and decor, so we went to Tiendesitas.

First up, some coffee. Aki tends to always ask for an ‘up-up’ (when she wants to sit on your shoulders) from her dad when we’re out and about, so a good cup of coffee is a must. If it’s not an up-up, there’s a lot of running around after her anyway, so we definitely need coffee in the afternoons, too.

Please excuse the little one’s smudgy lips, she always grabs a lipstick whenever I’m doing my make-up in the car 🙂

Time to check out the pet area

Tiendesitas is highly recommended for pet care supplies. They have everything, even annoying dog shoes, hehehe. In terms of cat and dog food, they have most commercial brands and even premium and organic brands like Orijen available.

I only learned of Orijen from the Cat Care Philippines Facebook group, a lot of members swear by it. It has high protein content though, which doesn’t quite agree with my aging cat’s system. Best to still consult your vet should you choose to switch pet food brands 🙂

There are some stalls that sell other animals apart from cats and dogs. They have aquarium fishes, birds, rabbits and hedgehogs too. I’m not so sure if exotic pets are still available, I’ve seen some reptiles and sugar gliders before.

I’m pretty tempted to get some turtles, to be honest, I’ve never kept one before. These are at P150 each. Maybe when Aki pleads for one.


This area is also well known for their grooming services. I’ve taken Yuri, my dog, for grooming several times here before. I’d roam around and check out the shops until he’s finished. Prices are pretty competitive.

Something to think about

What I wouldn’t recommend, though it’s very tempting, is to buy a pet here. A lot of the puppies and kittens look real cute, but animals being sold commercially in pet stores tend to come from dubious operations similar to puppy mills in the States. We have too many breeders and unscrupulous businessmen here that just look at these animals as stock. There is little regard for their welfare or health.

In fact, going around, you’d see some bigger breeds barely able to stand up in small cages, and some looking really hot and uncomfortable. A lot of the puppies also look too young to be separated from their mothers. The ideal age for weaning puppies and kittens is at 3 months old.

Personally, I know of a friend’s brother who bought a princess-type of shih tzu here that turned out to have distemper. It was a good thing they were able to save the dog, but at a high cost. Puppies and kittens from commercial breeding tend to come with a host of health issues that may not surface right away, it’s really unfortunate.

I have another friend who bought a pomeranian here, and he’s become a good pet. That’s well and good.

For me though, especially since I am looking to having another dog in the near future, I’ll be looking at animal welfare shelters first. I’m all for a cutie, but I think cute dogs and cats are not limited to pedigrees. And since I have a toddler and a snooty cat, it’s really temperament that I should be looking at first and foremost anyway 🙂

Stuff to look at

Now here’s what I came here for – the furnishings! Tiendesitas is also a good shopping destination for furniture, decor and antiques. Upcycle Manila is located here!

I like the bamboo recliner that Aki is sitting on a lot, as well as the chubby yoga girl set. The biggest one is at around P3,000, a bit steep, but they’re all made of brass.

It would probably be cheaper to get the Asian stuff directly from Indonesia or Thailand (a great excuse for a vacation!), but you can actually haggle here, so that should help.

There’s plenty of Filipiniana knickknacks and decor, too. Sometimes when they’re displayed all together, there’s a tendency to dismiss this look as frumpy, but if you take just a few pieces and mix them up with more contemporary stuff, then they stand out and shine. I mean come on, there’s nothing like native baskets for keeping clutter at bay 🙂

Hope our next visit is better!

I’m really hoping it’s because of all these renovations going on, but Tiendesitas now leaves me a little confused. There were more interesting things when I was here last, and I couldn’t find them anymore. Plus, it’s like our coffee didn’t have any caffeine, it was a real damper.

I do appreciate that the buildings are now air-conditioned and that there are more parking spaces. If it’s not super crowded, I think it’s an awesome place for Christmas gift shopping. There are a lot of options and at reasonable prices.

Tiendesitas is supposed to have great food options, too, but I’ll chalk that up for next time. When it comes to food discoveries though, my find isn’t actually here but in the SM next door. If you have some groceries to get before heading home from a day in Tiendesitas, be sure to try this place while you’re there! Read all about it in the next post 🙂

Tiendesitas is in Ortigas Avenue corner E. Rodriguez Avenue (C-5)

Operating Hours:

11 AM to 9 PM Mondays to Thursdays;
10 AM to 10 PM Fridays to Sundays (and Holidays)

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