Kicking and painting eggs: Easter 2016

I don’t know about you, but it seems that Easter has turned into this almost exclusively for children kind of holiday or event. Whether in the malls or in posh hotels, there’s an Easter event that a family with small children can look forward to.

For us, if there are no previous plans made, like a trip out of town, we will be making sure Easter Sunday involves something a kid would definitely enjoy doing. Chalk it up to a good experience this year, we’re looking forward to making something like this a yearly tradition.


We signed Akira up for ClubBambino‘s Easter Day program.

None of Akira’s usual classmates made it, but there were still a couple of familiar faces around in the day’s big crowd. Around 10 kids joined in, and the place got pretty full by the time the program started.


It was something a little different for the Bambino kids, but still had plenty of the activities and cues that they know well, like starting the class in a circle with the ‘Hello, hello’ song.

What made the activities special was the role of the Easter egg. It was Akira’s first time to go on a sack race, kick an egg, or paint. Although she’s quite familiar with eggs – she loves to ‘help’ in the kitchen by cracking eggs for me when I’m cooking – she’s never played with, or painted an egg before.

Painting opened a whole new world to my little one after this day. I got her a watercolor paint box and a big coloring book not too long after, and suffice to say she just went bonkers with it. Of course she’d just smoosh blue paint on toes in the pictures (giving them foot spas, she says) or paint all the heads orange, but hey, creativity starts from somewhere.

The kids were treated to a story:


And of course the activity was capped with an Easter Egg Hunt, which is always a big hit with the kids (and surprisingly with grownups of all ages too). Akira didn’t care much for the candies inside, but loves peeling off labels and stickers and packaging. So even if we were the ones that ended up getting stuffed, she was happy.

With something like this, the family can still have a nice Easter lunch afterwards, or hear mass later in the day. Thank you, ClubBambino, for another unforgettable day!

ClubBambino Kids Gym is in 330 Noah’s Place, Aguirre Avenue corner Tehran Street, BF Homes, Paranaque City

Call them at +632 801 5997

Like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram

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