Easter 2015

Easter last year was nicely timed around Akira’s birthday.

J had work exactly the day before Easter in Manila Hotel. An overnight stay at the hotel sounded like a great idea, and it was all thanks to Akira’s ninong who happened to get J for that particular project 🙂

It was our first stay here, and we had a great time. The hotel was full of staycationing families looking for a quick respite from the heat as well as fun activities for their children.

This was our first Easter in a hotel, and Akira was thankfully at that age where she is more aware of what’s going, and she could really participate in the activities. We didn’t care about the bigger kids that zoomed off the second the host announced that we could start looking for eggs. We took our time, and she loved every minute of it – from finding eggs with goodies inside to just choosing eggs in colours that she liked.

What was a little irksome was the adults with the kids who seemed to be more into the hunt. I get it, there’s a free overnight stay voucher in one of the eggs, but honestly, it should just be fair game for all the kids and the grownups should just stay on the side.

During peak season like this where traffic going south or north is equally horrendous, and all the resorts are fully booked, a short stay at a family friendly hotel isn’t such a bad idea at all.

So what did we do THIS year?

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