Hello, Nuvali!

My, how this place is developing.

This wonderful Saturday in Nuvali had me wanting a bike so bad in my life. I need to have a bike the next time we go here.

That’s Akira having a Peter Pan moment, making sure her shadow is keeping up 😀 The dog barely could!

It’s a lovely mall, this one. A lot of spaces are still closed, but I can see that Laguna peeps won’t be needing to go all the way to Alabang for premium shopping and dining anymore.

I also appreciate that the architecture adapted to the environment. There are more open areas here, and it really encourages an active lifestyle.

The free playground is a big hit with the kiddies. A bigger set or maybe another slide would be great (as you can see, it can get pretty crowded), but it is also worthwhile to note that as far as I know, it’s only Ayala Malls that have free playgrounds.

The day was capped with a dinner at The Pigpen Cafe – I was keen on trying a restaurant that wasn’t found elsewhere, so I was really happy they let us dine inside with our dog. Wish I could heap praises on the food, but what I can genuinely give attention to is the topnotch service and the Nutella ice cream, which is just perfect for ending a hot day.


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