Easter 2015

Easter last year was nicely timed around Akira’s birthday. J had work exactly the day before Easter in Manila Hotel. An overnight stay at the hotel sounded like a great idea, and it was all thanks to Akira’s ninong who happened to get J for that particular project 🙂 It was our first stay here, and we had a … More Easter 2015

Hello, Nuvali!

My, how this place is developing. This wonderful Saturday in Nuvali had me wanting a bike so bad in my life. I need to have a bike the next time we go here. That’s Akira having a Peter Pan moment, making sure her shadow is keeping up 😀 The dog barely could! It’s a lovely mall, this one. … More Hello, Nuvali!

Just bee-cause

Couldn’t help the title. Hehe. If there’s one great thing about hanging out with my kid all the time is that when you ask her point blank if she wants to go on an adventure, the answer is a big loud, “yes! Let’s go!” Finally! Somebody who knows how to ride the wave of spontaneity! With … More Just bee-cause