Bag of Beans on the fly

It’s satisfying to do something completely spontaneous and have it turn out well. It’s the universe’s way of telling you, “right on! You’re doing the right thing!”. Even if it’s just for the moment.

Feeling emo-crappy the day before and barely getting any sleep, I wanted to be anywhere but my house. I decided to take advantage of our new status as southside residents and go on an impromptu Tagaytay trip. I told my daughter we were going to see the bees as I  changed her clothes and she immediately got excited.

It was supposed to be Ilog Maria first (we left Paranaque at around 3 pm) then a meal somewhere afterwards, but my kid woke up hungry from the drive. And since I haven’t been to the latest Bag of Beans branch, that’s where we decided to have our oddly timed meal.

It’s Tagaytay but based on how we look, it could be Baguio too!

It’s the kind of Tagaytay trip everybody wishes for – no heavy traffic on the way, you get to eat where you want to and not have to settle for something else because there’s way too many people, you are happy and satisfied with your food and resto choice, and the weather is cold and windy!

It was supposed to be just a merienda stop, but in the spirit of spontaneity, we decided to indulge. I told myself it’s ok since I skipped rice for lunch. Repeatedly.

My friend had the fish and chips while I had the chicken ala kiev. Now I’ve eaten in Bag of Beans before, and I’m a big fan of their pies. So I’m not sure if there were changes made to their dishes, with their chef, or I just ordered a ‘weak’ dish previously, but these are both really good.

The veggies were tender and savory, the mashed potatoes are real and not the instant type, and the chicken? Buttery, crunchy good.

For my princess imp, their Happy Face buttermilk pancake:

A real crowd-pleaser for the intended audience, I’m sure, but too big to be honest. There was another kid in the table next to ours who was just drowning in his chocolate chip pancake – he could barely finish 1/4 of it too.

This branch is huge and has a great view of Taal Lake. It’s also a bed & breakfast, and will be a hit with future brides for prenuptial shoots and stuff, if it isn’t already.

Tummies full, and with an eco bag full of pies, we drove to Ilog Maria.

Ilog Maria gate
Now you know (and knowing is half the battle). I tell my kid the bees like to sleep early because they work very hard, so we will visit them next time with Dad.

We decide to head home. It was already night time, we had a good day – BUT we couldn’t resist making a final stop at Paseo de Santa Rosa because of Pottery Barn. You got that right – Pottery Barn has an outlet store. I was too busy browsing and looking after Akira to take photos – the place screams ‘fragile’ and the staff was still arranging tons of merchandise. I got my eyes on a quilt, a crocheted throw, and some throw pillow covers, but since the discount varies depending on the item, some of the really covetable pieces are still quite expensive.

There’s an outlet store for old Zara stocks – now it’s for Old Navy. Not as interesting.

The Bench outlet is worth checking out too, because it carries the rest of Bench’s franchise brands like Mothercare, Vero Moda, Cotton On, Under Armour and Charles & Keith.


What I’ve learned

It’s better to escape to the outdoors or somewhere out-of-townish, even for just an afternoon, rather than going to the mall. Now that we live in Paranaque, it’s possible to go on an impromptu Tagaytay (and beyond) trip. I needed an escape and I discovered that it doesn’t have to be a weekend getaway or somewhere far. Escape can be a steaming cup of coffee with a breezy view.

It’s only with a for-keeps kind of friend that you can talk in a car from Paranaque to Tagaytay and back, and still have stuff to talk about for the next times.

Remember to bring a scarf and beanie for Akira next time because it’s still possible to get the sniffles from an impromptu Tagaytay trip even in a sweater.

Update: These outlet stores change every so often. As of this update the Pottery Barn store changed locations and in it’s old place is a West Elm outlet. The Bench brands are still there though.

This particular Bag of Beans branch – Charito – is located in 

150 Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika East, Tagaytay City

Like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram

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