Today is brought to you by ClubBambino and Nutella

The husband and I have both pegged 3 years old as a good time for Akira to start going to school. Granted, of course, that school assessments also agree that she is ready. She’ll be turning 3 this April, so I’ve dedicated January for researching and calling up some schools that we like, as well as to look for other play options for her in the meantime.

And that’s how we ended up in ClubBambino Kids Gym today!

My good friend and Akira’s godmother is doing some marketing work for ClubBambino, and that’s how we learned about them. This is our second visit, but our first time to try a class. We tried the Balancers class – and we had a great time!

You start the class sitting in a circle for short introductions, you sing and dance to a ‘Hello’ song, and then do some light stretching. There are some times where the kids just play, and then there are more structured parts, like where the kids are given buckets and they’re supposed to pick up balls the same color as their bucket and put the balls in the bucket.

Proud of my kid’s good energy and willingness to follow instructions! I shook my head at the times she flatly said ‘no!’ to some of the instructions and sort of didn’t want to do some activities together with the other children. Nothing to get worked up on too much though, it was an afternoon well spent (in spite of the class starting on her usual nap time).

Aki did class and played on an empty stomach, so it was time for a pit stop. We visited Bamba Bistro.

So nice, and the food was really good. Amazing playlist too, which we forgot to ask about. They played Daft Punk, then a Metric song, and then Cibo Matto’s Moonchild. For that alone, I’m sure we will be back.

We were still feeling full come dinner time at home, so this is how we capped off the day:

Nutella on banana 😀 That’s Aki’s first time to have a banana with Nutella. Mind. Blown. Hehehe

Thank you, ClubBambino, Bamba and Nutella for a wonderful Saturday!

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